man doing a flip on a Hawaiian Beach

Covid Testing When traveling to Hawaii What You Should Know

Can it really be that difficult to get a Covid test to travel​ to Hawaii​? I’m leaving for Hawaii in a couple of days and I’m trying to get a Covid test.  ​Any reasonably intelligent person might start at ​the website of the airlines you are traveling with.  ​At least that is what I did. ​​Hawaiian Airlines…

Navy Blue Velvet couch

2021’s Hottest Design Trends

2020 was the year where everyone has spent tons of time at home. As far as we all know, 2021 will be an “at-home lifestyle” too – which means time to rethink your living space.  Design trends are continuously changing – and below you can see the trends that are ‘in’ this year: Add Blue…

Mom in front of Direct-door-to-door Gifts

Mother’s Day Gadget Gifts With Doorstep Delivery

By Merilee Kern, ‘The Luxe List’ Executive Editor Showing the Moms in your life just how much you love and appreciate them through thoughtful gifts need not require any inconvenience. With this collection of decadent, luxurious, and generally thoughtful Mother’s Day endowment ideas proffering convenient eComm-driven direct-to-door delivery, your holiday gifting game can remain on-point….

Woman on a weight loss program

Dieters Nationwide Vie for Highly Lucrative Weight-Loss Challenge Jackpots

The Motherload:’s ‘Mother’s Day Jackpot Challenge’ and ‘Jillian Michael’s HealthyWager Challenge’ to pay cold hard cash for weight loss amid gamification method keeping dieters engaged and motivated throughout their weight-loss journey – and paid for slimdown success By Merilee A. Kern, MBA With reports indicating that, on average, one out of every three adults is…

remodeled kitchen

Things To Consider Before Getting Your Kitchen Remodeled

Your dream kitchen, don’t you have a vision triggered by the charming photos on the internet or TV. We start wondering about the possible changes or additions we would do if given the chance to do a kitchen remodel. Redesigning a kitchen involves a horde of things and requires considerable planning, time, and budget. Before…

Guy Traveling on a Budget

7 Clever Tips to Travel on a Budget

Travelling to exotic places dones’t always have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t have to win the lottery to travel the whole world – not if you know how to use your pennies.  We bring you a few clever tips to help you travel on a budget. #1. Plan, plan, plan! While making…

Quick Ideas For Creating Your Own Resin Paintings

I’d like to introduce you to tutorial for resin paintings. Before you begin, you must first understand what resin is and what to look for when working with epoxy resin. I’ll show you where to get the supplies you’ll need and walk you through the process of making your first resin piece. The following article…