Can it really be that difficult to get a Covid test to travel​ to Hawaii​? I’m leaving for Hawaii in a couple of days and I’m trying to get a Covid test.  ​Any reasonably intelligent person might start at ​the website of the airlines you are traveling with.  ​At least that is what I did. ​​Hawaiian Airlines ​has​ a whole list of places that ​you can go to to take your test. ​For example, they have ​Walgreen​,​ CVS​, Kaiser Permanente, etc… ​

​You might think this is a no-brainer. At least I did. I​ ​soon find out it’s not that easy ​a friend just went to Walgreens ​paid for a test ​and ​didn’t get the results fast enough to fly. I don’t really pay that much attention ​to them. ​ ​I think to myself they probably weren’t the ​sharpest tool in the shed.​ LOL

​On the Hawaiian Airlines website, it states, “we’ve organized all of the State’s approved trusted traveling partnersby departure city so that you can spend less time worrying about your pre-travel COVID-19 test and more time getting excited about your upcoming trip.” I make two different appointments one CVS and another Kaiser.​

Covid-19 Testing Centers

​I make an appointment at CVS and Kaiser. Just for hoots and giggles and for this article. ​​I am now at my CVS appointment they say ​tell me ​you need a PCR test this is a different test​ than the test you signed up for​. ​You have to ask, what is the difference​?​ ​The difference is one test ​the ​protein and the other test DNA ​and the ​PCR appearsDoes CVS provide that test? the answer is yes, but they can’t guarantee that you’ll get your results in time to go to Hawaii.

Good thing for me, I had a backup plan Kaiser Permante. When you get there you will ve directed to go through the drive-through. It’s not a long line maybe about 20/30 minutes. I tell them I’m flying to Hawaii they say that they’re going to have my test resuls to me on time. LOL We’ll see.

My boyfriend​ (he is traveling with me)​ and ​of course ​he’s in the same predicament​. ​He had ​too ​set up his rapid testing over at CVS it’s the wrong ​test​.​ ​He goes back onto the website finds another place,​ drives to the Covid testing center in Encinitas​.​ ​ ​It’s a drive-through ​that takes about ​20​ minutes and​ $69​.​ ​He goes in there and they say it’s the wrong ​test, they ​don’t do that test​.​ He shows them it’s on the website they say ​oh ​well ​sorry.​ ​

Now somewhat irritated he goes ​about 25 minutes away to La Jolla​.​ ​ Drive-through easy, it took longer to run the credit card than the test and the line. ​He gets to La Jolla no line no nothing just really fast really quick. ​It cost him $125​. He gets his results back in 12 hours. Wow, that was fast! A+ for them.

You might be scratching your head because ​you don’t understand how these other corporations such as CVS and Walgreens can’t do PCR test any faster, and ​the airlines shame on you for not having the correct information on your website. It’s sad but what it comes down to ​is money just to travel​. Very disappointing, just saying Covid sucks. 

Back to Kaiser Permanente’s test results. After 39 hours later still no test results. I’m leaving in the morning and freaking out. What will happen will to me? Will even let me on the airplane? On the way to the airport, I make a final attempt. Talk about stress. The good news the test results came in. YAY The other good news is they would have let me on the airplane even without the test. But what happens to you if you get to Hawaii without your test results.Well that’s another story.

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If you don’t get your test results in time can you give Hawaii the test results late?
Why ​do you need to do all of this if you are vaccinated​?​ 

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