With many people going stir crazy and anxious to get out, the world is finally opening up.  And we are off to greener pastures or, should I say or off to greener Hawaii. 

After you go through the pain of getting COVID test you can tour Hawaii once again. 

We stayed at a nice condo in Kihei, Hawaii. It was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom fully equipped place. Perfect for the Hawaiian beach traveler. It had snorkel gear, beach chairs, 2 different size ice chests, floaties for the pool, even kids’ sand toys. All of them had beautiful beach views. I loved the setup. But really there are rental condos all throughout Hawaii you can go through Airbnb and find the perfect one for you.

The new travel experience/post-COVID might not be quite what you are expecting. At least not in Maui. The restaurants are not at full capacity, so it’s extremely hard to get reservations. That’s your clue to book in advance. LOL They are short-staffed, food was so so, and the service was less than desirable. Nightlife is completely dead! The bars close down early, and absolutely no dancing. Forbidden by the government. For young adults and anyone that wants to mingle, this is not the place. The last call was at 9:30pm.  That was the most happening place. Eeek

Even dining at the Molokini Bistro at the Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea a 4.5-star hotel was just okay. By no means was it terrible the grounds beautiful I’m talking picturesque. Not a leaf out of place.  But at the restaurant the service kinda sucked. We had reservations for 6pm. They want to seat us in the back in a dark area. We noticed there were many seats empty with an ocean view. We asked to be seated at one of those. Only to find out, you need to include “I want an oceanview,” in your reservation, we thought that was a given, being in Hawaii. LOL They did finally give in, but really.

The people in Maui were not as friendly as one would hope.  Even on the boat tours, the staff wasn’t that friendly. Maybe they are out of practice after being shut down for over a year.  

But let’s be real in all reality, it was just great to get out and Hawaii will always be Hawaii. Its beautiful scenery is hard to pass up. There are so many cool adventures you can do. The things that are open are scuba diving, snorkel adventures, golfing, the beaches, and all the scenic places.

  • Snorkel
  • Scuba
  • Sunbathing
  • Hiking
  • Boating
  • Fishing

 We had an amazing time hiking the Twin Falls. The trail was pretty easy, we saw children and even grandmas hiking it. You can swim in the pools below the falls. You can bring a towel but not necessary you dry quickly. 

We also visited the Nakalele Blow Hole in the northern part of Maui. It was pretty cool natural seawater gets trapped under the lava rocks and with enough ocean blow out the top, and on that day the waves weren’t too big so we were able to get pretty close. The hike down was rocky but not difficult you can make it down with your strap-on sandals, flip-flops make it more difficult and I wouldn’t suggest them.  This was a well worth sightseeing place to adventure off to. Two thumbs up from me.

Next on our list were the Olivine Pools also in the northern part of Maui.  These pools were gorgeous and the water was clear a picture says a thousand words.  The best words that we could use to describe these were tide pools that you could swim in. You might even want to bring your snorkel gear we thought of that after we went. LOL There were not a lot of people so we really enjoyed it. Bring your lunch and stay awhile. The hike down was pretty easy there was a little loose Gravel but very brief and really enjoyable.  You will totally love the scenery.  


Most of us come to Hawaii to get a little color and want to lay out in the sun. Come back I’m writing a story about being naked in Hawaii that I know you will enjoy. for now, Aloha and always have the cool wind in your hair.

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