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A house during the fall needing roof maintance

6 Roof Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season

There’s nothing quite like the fall season. The leaves changing color and the cooler weather are always a lovely refreshment from the heat of summer. However, these things are also there to remind us that winter is just around the corner. It is also a message that this season is our last chance to tackle…

Aloha Collection

Waikiki Welcomes New Retailer:  ALOHA Collection at Moana Surfrider 

Boutique Waikiki Shopping Center, Collections of Waikiki has chosen a New Retailer:  ALOHA Collection at Moana Surfrider  Collections of Waikiki, a premier shopping destination in Honolulu, Hawaii with over  60 select fashion boutiques, spas, and restaurants, welcomes the opening of a new store: ALOHA  Collection at their Moana Surfrider location.   A Little History Behind The…