Month: March 2023

A couple sleep without bed bugs

How to Prevent Bed Bugs While You Are Traveling

When you come back home from a trip, the last thing you want is to bring back an unwanted guest with you. These critters creep, crawl, sleep in your bed with you and give you bites.  We are talking about the notorious pest’s bed bugs, which are feared because of their penchant for crawling into…

kitchen accessories on a counter

Fun Kitchen Accessories That Can Make Your Life Easier

As we spend more time at home, it’s important to create a space that’s both functional and enjoyable. By adding a few fun accessories to your home, you can make your life easier and add a touch of style to your space. From kitchen gadgets to storage solutions, there are plenty of items out there…

Food from Balinese Rijsttafel Plate at Dapur Raja

Enjoying the Best Balinese Rijsttafel Plate at Dapur Raja

Rijsttafel is a Dutch word for “rice table,” an almost unlimited array of a variety of delicious spicy-sticky-sweet Indonesian cuisine in small servings served with rice. Your visit to Indonesia will only be complete if you sample the Balinese rijsttafel plate at Dapur Raja Balinese Rijsttafel. What is rijsttafel? Rijsttafel is a Dutch-Indonesian culinary tradition…