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Car Hiking Oregon Coast

Car Hiking the Oregon Coast

Cruising the Oregon Coast:  Cape Lookout to Neskowin It’s fun to fill a picnic basket with goodies and a few bottles of wine and head out the door with no particular plan in mind.  We call it “car hiking,” where we just kind of follow the hood to some interesting places.  And for this particular…

a black bicycle designed for bikepacking

Bicycle for Bikepacking

Young people studying have to spend many hours daily with their books or in front of their computers. They often feel mentally drained, so they outsource their essay writing work to eduloh and wish to go on a holiday. Often students have a limited budget. So they are interested in finding the cheapest holiday options….

woman sitting naked on a beach

Let’s Get Naked in Hawaii

My first time on Maui, and I’m traveling with my boyfriend and one of my best friends. The first day we explore one of the beaches in Kihei, close by the condo we were staying at. But I’m looking for a beach that has a little more pizzazz. You know what I mean. There are…

Sun setting at a Great Hiking Destinations in Florida

Great Hiking Destinations in Florida

If you love nature and hiking, you will likely want to visit all kinds of places and enjoy the sights they have to offer! Your journey, then, might also take you to Florida. Or you might simply be moving there and want to know what you can enjoy in your new state! Well, to help…

Bikes on beach

Coronado Island on Bikes: An Adventure for All

San Diego’s hot and sunny summers attract travelers from all over the world and Californians from all over the state. Coronado Island, just across the San Diego Bay, connected by the isthmus known as “the Silver Strand” is a great place to go on one of these overwhelmingly hot summer days. The wind wisping off…

Create Your Perfect Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, CA, is home to professional skiers, water sport enthusiasts, and lovers of fresh air and hot summers. When you first think of Tahoe, you envision snow-covered peaks and pristine ski trails for the professional ski and snowboarders. While that might be true, there is another whole world of Tahoe to explore in the…

Darcy Waits a Woman sitting on a picnic blanket at Cape Disappointment

Summer of the Traveling Wine Glasses: Hiking Cape Disappointment

by Darcy Waits ( Summers in the Pacific Northwest can swing wildly from unbearably hot to freezing, windy, and raining sideways from one day to the next.  But foul weather doesn’t stand in the way of hardy PNWers at all. You’ll see them mowing their lawn or washing their car in the rain!  Otherwise, when…

A ride at a California Amusement Parks

California Amusement Parks: 3 Cheap Spots to Go with Kids

Think California’s amusement parks are too expensive to visit with the whole family? Don’t despair! In addition to world-famous giant entertainment complexes such as Disneyland, Legoland, and Universal Studios, you will find many lesser-known but equally amazing theme parks there. What’s more, they will delight you with a cheap price.  There are several such spots…

Heather Winfield at rodeo with Cool Wind Media

How do you Break into Country Line Dancing

Country Line Dancing Craze Is this a new fad, or something that I just didn’t know about? I feel like I finally pulled my head out from under a rock. In the last year or so I’ve seen or heard more about line dancing than I ever had in my life.  And yes it’s really cool,…