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People swimming near the shore on one of Hawaii's islands with the view of volcanic mountains in the back.

What Not to Miss When Visiting Hawaii for the First Time

Aloha! Are you visiting Hawaii for the first time? You must be excited and can’t wait to be surrounded by breathtaking scenery. While sipping cocktails on one of the gorgeous beaches. However, since you’ve never visited the islands of the 50th state before, you need to prepare well and plan your itinerary. But that’s why…

Heather Winfield wearing a pink and white dress from Tiare Hawaii

Bring Hawaii home for the Holidays

“Home no nā lā hoʻomaha” means, home for the holidays in Hawaiian, so whether you’ve visited Hawai‘i or are dreaming of escaping to these tropical shores, we’ve compiled a few ways you can bring Hawaii into your home this holiday season. With Covid going on for nearly 3 years and the travel restrictions, mask mandates,…

man doing a backflip in Maui Hawaii

Covid Testing When Traveling to Hawaii: What You Should Know

Yes, indeed, you can now travel to Hawaii once again and forego the 10-day self-quarantine with a pre-travel test. Here is some important information you should know before booking your trip. First, you must be tested for COVID 72 hours in advance. Yes, Covid testing is required. I’m leaving for Hawaii in a couple of…