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Guy standing on rocks looking out to the ocean Traveling on a Budget

7 Clever Tips to Travel on a Budget

Travelling to exotic places dones’t always have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t have to win the lottery to travel the whole world – not if you know how to use your pennies.  We bring you a few clever tips to help you travel on a budget. #1. Plan, plan, plan! While making…

VW Bug taking a road trip with car insurance.

Getting From Here to There Means Doing Your Research

As a young traveler, you are on your way to a journey of your own choosing. Should you hop across the pond and visit Paris for a culinary experience? Maybe enjoy the sights and sounds of places in your home country? Whatever trip you choose, planning will get you further.  Whether you’re looking to stay…

Grand Wailea one of the Hawaiian restaurants

Yes, Hawaii is open for travelers

By Heather Winfield With many people going stir crazy and anxious to get out, the world is finally opening up.  And we are off to greener pastures or, should I say or off to greener Hawaii. And the Hawaiian restaurants. We stayed at a nice condo in Kihei, Hawaii. It was a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom fully…