So you just started your business as a repair and replacement roof company. You believe that since a house will never be complete without a roof, you’ll have better chances of earning customers and gaining more profit over time. Every homeowner will always need the services of a roofer at some point in their lives. They will need their roofs replaced or repaired regardless of how expensive the installation or labor was. If you want your business to become the brand which homeowners would immediately call for their roofing needs, strive to provide excellent services by using the right roofing tools for you and your crews.

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Replacing or repairing a roof isn’t an easy feat. For starters, you’ll have to pay attention to your surroundings while thinking of the best solutions for a homeowner’s roofing problems. Using the right-hand tools can go a long way in accomplishing these tasks. It allows your business to satisfy homeowners without putting your safety and credibility on the line. To give you an idea of the ten must-have roofing hand tools for your crews, consider the list below:

  • Roofing hammer: Unlike other types of hammers, a roofing hammer is different because its features are perfect for roofers. Its size allows you to get the job done with ease. Neither your comfort nor the efficiency of your services is compromised once you used this tool. Since roofing hammers now come in different models and features, some have Shock Reduction Grip, which absorbs vibration for up to 70%, which can result in less jarring.
  • Fiberglass Tear-off Bar: Removing shingles from a roof can be time-consuming and dangerous, especially when done by hand. Using a fiberglass tear-off bar can make this process easier and faster. This tool comes in a variety of models and designs. If you’re buying one for the first time, scout for fiberglass tear-off bars, which has a replaceable steel fulcrum feature so you’ll get that extra strength and durability whenever you remove shingles. Using this tool properly can also reduce the wear and tear on your body.
  • Straight blade knife: When repairing or replacing a homeowner’s roof, expect that you’ll have to cut through different materials. This task can be tedious, and if it’s not done right, it can adversely affect the quality of your output. Using a straight blade knife steers you away from experiencing these things. Because these tools are small enough to fit in any kit, you can quickly bring these with you. The blades can be replaced easily with these tools. And the best part? They are very cheap.
  • Long cut snips: As mentioned, you’ll need to cut through different materials to get the job done. While using a straight blade knife might be convenient, it can’t guarantee positive results once used in thicker materials such as asphalt or fiberglass shingles. For these materials, long cut snips are more appropriate. These are specialized shears that are durable enough to cut through heavier and more robust materials. Once used properly, these shears can handle hundreds of cuts every day, allowing your crew to finish more jobs quickly.
  • Retractable steel tape measure: Replacing or repairing a roof will require exact measurements. You can’t possibly charge your customers based on your assumptions on how large or small their roof is. This precise measurement is precisely why a retractable steel tape measure should always be in your crews’ pockets. This tool allows them to accurately measure the coverage of their services or the right size of the shingles, which needs repair or replacement. Providing accurate measurements can result in fast and effective services.
  • Plumbline and chalk line: A plumb line and chalk line are supplementary tools to a retractable steel tape measure. This chalk line helps improve the accuracy and efficiency of the measurements you’ll make and, eventually, the quality of your services. Use chalk lines to mark the layout lines for any roof installation while plumbing lines set up certain reference points based on the chalk lines.
  • Hammer stapler: A nail gun is an efficient tool to stick one material to another, and make the two work as one. However, since roofs use thicker materials, using a nail gun might not be enough. For your roofing repair and replacement jobs, opt to use hammer staplers. The hammer stapler is the most efficient way of affixing roof staples to different roofing materials. This gets the job done fast without compromising the quality of your output.
  • Shingle removers: Shingle removers can be purchased in different shapes and styles. If your business offers roofing services to both small and big houses, scout for shingle removers, which are handheld and mechanical, a handheld shingle remover works best for smaller tasks, particularly in handling three to four feet of shingle removal. An automated shingle remover, on the other hand, is used for bigger and tougher jobs.
  • Shingle saws: Similar to shingle removers, you can have a lot of options in buying this tool. You can purchase one which comes in a handheld or mechanical type. These saws are made to cut and shape shingles, regardless of its thickness, composition, and style. However, keep in mind that shingle saws are not a one-size-fits-all tool; there is an appropriate shingle saw for each shingle type.
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  • Magnetic sweeper: Sure, your crews might be able to repair or replace a homeowner’s roof effectively, but if they left metal shavings and other debris on the property, your business might not be able to get that five-star rating. This can even become the reason why this homeowner will not hire your company in the future. Using a magnetic sweeper avoids your business to be put in these kinds of situations. This tool allows for easy cleanup, especially for small metal parts that can’t easily be seen.
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Make Worthy Investments

A roofing company can be a profitable business. Not all homeowners know how to assess and fix their roofs, giving you more opportunities to earn. But because there are also several roofing companies operating today, you need to make sure that yours actually stand out. Invest in buying the necessary roofing hand tools for your crews, and you’ll be able to achieve this goal easier and faster. These tools can drastically impact the amount of success your business can have in the future.

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