Most of us fall in love with our homes to the point that we do not want to leave them. But, as our families expand and our lifestyles evolve, houses become increasingly cramped. Over time, you will notice how your living space quickly fills up with clutter, eating away your storage drawers and finally spilling out into unsightly piles on the floor. 

However, regardless of how tiny your house may be, there are ways to create adequate space. Here are a few ideas to consider: 

  • Declutter First  

We all have some clutter around the house, and most of us have a lot of it. In other words, getting rid of items you no longer need means you will end up having additional storage space in your home. Lay down a comprehensive plan before getting started. Regardless of how much junk you have to deal with, sticking to a well-thought-out strategy will help you avoid barriers along the way.

Subscribing to the 80/20 rule is ideal for getting things off the ground. It entails that people typically wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. The same rule applies to a vast majority of our everyday items, such as books, toys, video games, computers, DVDs, and so on. Hence, it would be wise to get rid of these 80% items. In all likelihood, there may be some bulky items that you would want to use in the future. Consider renting a self storage unit for them until you decide their fate. 

  • Look After Your Doorway

Make sure the first area of your home that greets visitors and your children walk through is functional. Place a bench where children can remove their shoes and keep their backpacks while rushing to school. A bench could take up a fair amount of room. So not all of us might be able to accommodate it. In that case, you should go with wall-mounted hooks, open shelves for knick-knacks, and a large mirror on the wall to keep things tidy.

  • Stretch Your Headboard

Our beds serve as a place to relax and replenish our energies for the coming day. But, along with that, they might also provide additional space. If your bed has a headboard, adding some shelving to the headboard means you can use it to stock books, jewelry, linens, etc.  

  • Make Your Spaces Multifunctional 

When it comes to small-home administration, having separate rooms for everything is an absolute no-no. There is no need to be constrained by the arrangement of a room just because it has been constructed in a particular way. Even if it is just a box room, combining the functions of two rooms into one is worth it by all means. 

For instance, you could easily set up a compact home office in your bedroom. One way to create a bedroom-office combo is to take advantage of the space in your bedroom’s built-in closet. You will need a modest desk that could fit in a little space. The chair you choose should have a slender profile so that when you push it into the room, you are not occupying more space than the wardrobe doors. 

  • Utilize The Attic

Do you have an unused space in your home’s attic? Consider carrying out a conversion right away. Depending on the attic’s condition, you might have to pay for this. But compared to the cost and trouble of moving, it is hands down a much better option. 

  • Place Your Pans On A Hook

If you are like most people, you may be stashing your fry pans somewhere in the oven or tucking them into a dark corner of your kitchen cupboard. If we are right, you are likely spending a considerable time finding and moving them around. In addition, they also take up a lot of space that you can use more efficiently. By hanging them, you can conveniently lay your hand on a frying pan whenever you need it, and they will not occupy much of your space either.

  • Play Around With Lighting 

When a room is well lit, it appears larger than its actual size. Different types of lighting can be used to both illuminate and amplify the height of the area. Among other things, consider installing lighting systems with low and high dimmers to let the light in from various directions, heights, and intensities. Also, make it a point to keep your windows open as they bring more natural light into the house. 

  • Put Sheets Under The Mattress 

Take all of your extra linens and blankets out of your chest and place them flat under your mattress. Contrary to the common assumption, your bed will not feel any different and ensure the same comfort level. But you will have more room in your closet, chest, and shelves. Aside from that, your bedding will remain immaculate and wrinkle-free. 

  • Add Dryer/Washer Pedestals

An appliance pedestal is a great way to increase storage space in a laundry room. Simply put, these are robust platforms that contain built-in drawers. You just need to place your dryer and washer units on them. Adding two spacious drawers to a small space works like magic. Do not forget to do the necessary leg work to ensure your washer and dryer pedestal match the dimensions and style of your appliance. Since the weight of every washer and dryer varies, you should invest in a weight-rated pedestal. 

  •  Think Vertically 

Do not overlook spaces above and below your head. They are ideal for storing seasonal, holiday, and less often used products. Purchase a step ladder so that you can access hard-to-reach places. Avoid storing anything excessively heavy on top. If you have a lot of books or huge appliances, it is best to keep them on the ground. Use compact, lightweight containers for higher spaces. That way, you will not sustain injuries even if they fall on top of you. 


Irrespective of whether you have downsized your home or moved into a smaller apartment, living in a compact space comes up with a host of challenges. Arguably, storage issues are on top of that list. If you want to make your house feel more spacious, follow the ten tips listed in this write-up.

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