2020 was the year where everyone has spent tons of time at home. As far as we all know, 2021 will be an “at-home lifestyle” too – which means time to rethink your living space. 

Design trends are continuously changing – and below you can see the trends that are ‘in’ this year:

Add Blue to Your Home

Classic blue was named 2020’s color of the year. Interior designers are saying we are going to see lots of navy and velvet blues in particular when it comes to blue. Although, I would have to say you really have to be very careful when using these colors because too much of a good thing can make you feel depressed. We recommend combining it with bright colors, such as gold and silver tones.

Being confined to our homes for this long can make anyone feel like they should transform their living space into a more relaxing area. Let the walls help you relax.

Let Natural Light In

2021 is the year to focus on natural light. Put away those heavy curtains and leave the windows open, they’re so many benefits to natural light. We are spending a lot of time in our homes due to social distancing – and the sunlight is something we all need!

Become a Plant Lover

While you made changes letting the natural light in, it’s time to turn your house into home with plants. Plants can bring us a lot of joy and we could use that spending so much time being at home. It’s proven that plants make any space look calmer and more beautiful, and they have a positive impact on purifying the air improving your mood.

Rethink Your Rooms

We all want spaces that reflect our personalities and give us a little space. That is why it is time to focus on the functionality of rooms. Time to rethink the dining or living rooms. Turn those rooms into a place where kids are free to do their schoolwork. Or a place you can work from home. Take out that old diningroom table and transform it into the room you have always dreamed of.

Make Your Furniture Functional

Nowadays, many of us are thinking “We are spending more time at home. Shouldn’t we make our homes more functional”? This is the time where we can pick odd and ends that can serve us twofold. Save space with folding tables and chairs. 

While we are living in these troubled times, multi-functional furniture can be a game-changer. 

Keep the Interior Natural

When it comes to styling trends, it’s all about the natural elements. Consider natural tones, danish furniture, art coffee tables, art deco chairs, and wooden furniture pieces, which all of these pieces can work together. They add texture and warmth to your room, creating a more natural calm vibe. Designers tend to recommend adding leather pillows, textured throw pillows, or even a knitted pillow to your room for a little extra touch.

Cozy Your Space Up

It’s time to add accessories to your room – like sculptures. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. Your room should have an organized look, one that looks like it was presented using a professional or expert in home design – not just a bunch of objects laying around.

Storage – should be your top priority

Space that feels messy and claustrophobic is hard to work in. As you are redesigning your space, keep in mind the storage…yes, storage – it’s as important as anything.

Invest in what makes you happy because you don’t want your space to feel messy and claustrophobic. With lots of storage – you can breathe easily, while you still having space for books, craft projects, or games.


Didn’t that go out a long time ago? While wallpaper is back. Here is an idea: use wallpapers on ceilings, to provide a colorful backing for your furniture.

So they say wallpapers are a great choice for renters and those constantly changing up their space. You can change it or take it down whenever you want.

Add Colors

Calming tones are on the rise. You can add colors to make the space calm and joyful at the same time. Try yellow chairs that can add balance.

The colors can develop a sense of happiness and joy when we are staying at our homes.

Break Up Your Space

When we are facing the reality – and we have to use our space as working spaces – it’s important that when planning a renovation, thinking for everyone to have a ‘work station’. 

Redecorate Your Kitchen

This is the time we get creative in the kitchen…no, we don’t mean on cooking! Nowadays, kitchen designs are influenced by European styles. Consider open shelves. People are tired of white and gray colors. The trends are saying that it is time to try black and green themes. 

Decorate with Graphic Art

People are looking at artwork. Whether it’s on a canvas, in a print or, on a pillow – these features make any living space cool. The trend is easy, and you don’t need a lot of money. 

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