In the modern home, a washing machine is a must-have. But how do you ensure it doesn’t break down? Put these washing machine maintenance tips to use. Unlike keeping up with the necessary maintenance for our cars or favorite electronic devices, maintaining our washing machines is often overlooked. We don’t think about maintaining our washer machines as much as we think about maintaining some other household necessities.

Without the right washing machine maintenance, however, our washing machines can end up either stinky and dirty or broken altogether. To avoid a washing machine that reeks of foul smells or to avoid damaging it, you’ll want to continue reading below.

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping up with your washing machine routine maintenance!

1. Keep It Fresh At All Times

To avoid foul smells from spewing out of your washing machine, you need to keep it fresh at all times. When you do a load of laundry and then shut your machine, you’re trapping all of the dampness inside. If you tend to do this often, then you might have noticed a time or two when your washing machine stinks when you go to use it again.

Rather than shutting the lid after each use, be sure to keep the lid open after each load of laundry.

2. Conduct Deep Cleanings

Every now and then, you should conduct deep cleanings. You can use a Washing Machine Cleaner to complete a deep cleaning on your washing machine. Over time, you might notice that your washing machine doesn’t clean as well as it once used to.

This is due to the build-up from your detergents. Hard water is another factor to be concerned about, as hard water creates residue build-up as well. Your washing machine cleaner will be able to break through tough build-up and remove it.

3. Clean the Outside With Glass Cleaner

The outside of your washing machine should be taken care of as well. To keep the outside of the washing machine tidy, you can use a glass cleaner and a gentle cloth. The glass cleaner will clean the washing machine without damaging the finish.

Be sure to clean the top and the sides of the washing machine. You should also avoid placing large and heavy items on top of your washing machine as well as this can cause damage and scratches.

4. Wipe Inside With Mild Dish Detergent

When you notice a slight build-up of residue inside your washing machine, you can easily clean it using mild dish detergent and a gentle cloth. Take your cloth and dampen it. Add a small amount of the detergent and wipe the inside clean.

Keep in mind that some washing machine detergents are harsher than others while others leave more residue than others. Be sure to use a good washing machine detergent for each load to prevent a heavy build-up of residue.

Washing Machine Maintenance Made Simple!

Maintaining your washing machine doesn’t have to be a chore. Use these tips listed above to make your washing machine maintenance simple!

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