Organizing a decluttered room can demotivate a lot of people, especially when they don’t have the right ideas to use their space. However, it can be less of a hassle when you have the right motivation and resources to organize your space. 

Know that cleaning your surroundings comes with several mental health benefits. The western world is quickly adapting to the Chinese Feng Shui way when it comes to setting up space because it adds to the positive energy around you and your family. Allowing your home’s vital energy, ‘chi,’ to freely flow generates a sense of well-being. 

Everyone wants a comfortable, cozy apartment where they can relax, unwind, and rest after a long day. The sight of a messy house after a tiring day will only drain even more energy.  With our simple tips, you can maintain positive energy in your home while also keeping it tidy. When you learn to arrange, half of your house is already clean.

     1. Use a mini storage

If there is too much clutter and mess around you, you will automatically become demotivated to clean. It’s even more difficult to escape the ongoing disorder when you live with small children, pets, and family members who aren’t always interested in housekeeping. To keep the house decluttered and orderly, you’ll have to put in some work.

A mini storage unit is the best option for storing and putting away items that are only used on occasion. In addition, by freeing up space, a mini storage unit aids in the cleaning of the home. Remove the suitcases from the guest room and put away all the seasonal stuff inside the storage. As a result, you will have an easier time cleaning and organizing. 

If you live in Hong Kong or a nearby locality and your home is running out of room, Shichang mini storage is the ideal solution for you. They provide mini storage units of varied sizes catering to various needs of the customers. You can locate the mini storage stores in your locality using the search engine or their webpage.

    2. Categorize the items

The three-box method can help you decide what to keep, what to toss out, and what to stash away. As a result, you can get rid of useless items and make use of extra space. 

If the items are still in good condition, you can also donate them. Place all the things you intend to donate in a box and set it aside. It might also be a good idea to sell the items you no longer want on different websites. Dispose of the rest of your unwanted possessions at the landfill. 

Ask yourself these questions if you need help deciding: Do I use it now? Do I love it? A negative response to both questions indicates that it’s time to let go.

     3. Organize your wardrobes

When you organize your clothes in the closet and neatly put things away in the drawers, you tidy much of your space. You can start folding your laundry neatly after you’ve washed it. Arrange the folded clothes in racks alongside other folded clothes. Separate your clothes into different categories, such as pants, dresses, tops, outerwear, accessories, and underwear. Sort like items together. Separate your exercise clothing from your pajamas, hang your sundresses together, and keep all of your belts together. For your underwear, use drawer dividers and hang scarves on hangers.

    4. Clean the drawers

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a kitchen drawer, a bedroom drawer, or a living room drawer. Cleaning them will make you feel better about your organizational skills. Take out everything unnecessary like old bulbs, used battery cells, old receipts, and throw them in the bin where they belong. 

Next, make use of drawer dividers to arrange similar stuff. Like all the hair accessories should be on one side, cosmetics on the other. Your tweezers, nail clippers, and brushes should be in one bowl resting neatly on the bathroom sill. For an added touch of sparkle, place a rug pad or drawer mat inside. It will also help prevent pens and paper clips from rolling back. 

Pro-tip: Organize your top drawer with the things you use most often. 

    5. Organize kids toys

Invest in storage racks and baskets to tackle the unwanted mess of toys. Baskets or toy bins are ideal for organizing similar objects and encouraging kids to focus on a couple of toys at one time. Label the toy baskets so your children know where specific toys are kept. 

Play baskets should be placed within easy reach of children so that they can put away the toys after playing. You can also invest in a toy chest or make one for a quick room clean-up. You can also make use of small bags or pouches to place small items, such as puzzle pieces. 

  6.  Use the door space

When organizing a room, people often overlook doors. Adding hooks is ideal for hanging bathrobes, scarves, or accessories. An iron stand is another excellent way to utilize the door space and can be attached easily on the backside.

You can also maximize your pantry space by installing steel shelves on the door, where you can store spices, sauces, and baking necessities.  

   7.  Reorganize the furniture

If you have large and heavy furniture, consider rearranging them and getting rid of the unnecessary pieces. Grouping all the small or large objects on one side of the room or in one area might make the space look unbalanced and untidy. 

A great way to make a room appear and feel larger is by freeing up floor space. Use a colorful small rug and decorate the windowsill to add some charm and greenery to the room. Keep the path clear so that people can walk easily from one end of the room to the other. 

Avoid seating arrangements that require people to get up to place down or collect drinks. By ensuring that every seat has easy access to a table, You’ll encourage a more energetic atmosphere. 

Pro-tip: When arranging furniture, use the Feng Shui way to invite more energy into the room. 

Bottom line

If you know the right tricks and tips, you can organize your room in less than an hour! However, do not waste your hard-earned victory by hoarding more trash. Invest in mini storage for items that you cannot discard and need for the future. 

To summarize, creating and organizing your environment is a worthwhile endeavor. With a clean room, you’ll feel more comfortable, secure, and in harmony with your environment.

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