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Car Hiking Oregon Coast

Car Hiking the Oregon Coast

Cruising the Oregon Coast:  Cape Lookout to Neskowin It’s fun to fill a picnic basket with goodies and a few bottles of wine and head out the door with no particular plan in mind.  We call it “car hiking,” where we just kind of follow the hood to some interesting places.  And for this particular…

Carmel Pro Cosmetic Creams

CARMEL Pro Cosmetics and Kadir Laboratories brings their brand of professional cosmeceutical products to the USA

Carmel Pro Cosmetics and DR. KADIR Laboratories Carmel Pro Cosmetics (CPC) believes everyone is born beautiful. But, as people journey through their lives, there are many adversities and influences that take their toll on your appearance. Your face and skin often reflect not just your natural beauty, but unfortunately it also shows the cumulative effects…