Retirement is the perfect time for a move — your kids are grown, and you’re ready for something new. Whether you’re downsizing to a condo or moving across the country, it’s safe to expect an adjustment period. If you want to settle in quickly, take steps to make your new house into a home, including the ones presented below by Cool Wind Media.

Set Up Services ASAP

Take time to set up the services you need. Spend an afternoon changing utilities into your name, and schedule internet and cable installation. Other things to do are:

  • Learn how to handle trash and recycling
  • Change your address for financial, insurance, and health care accounts
  • Find a new doctor

Personalize Your New Space

A new home feels foreign and unfamiliar until you make it your own. Turn it into a warm, welcoming haven with these steps:

  • Unpack quickly. You can’t decorate if there are boxes in every corner.
  • Display personal items. Artwork, photos, mementos, and magnets make a new home feel familiar.
  • Light a favorite candle. Beautiful fragrances have a comforting effect.
  • Add new decor. Celebrate the new space by adding new decor items, such as wall art, framed prints, fun rugs, or colorful pillows.

Help Your Pets Adapt

Moving is stressful for you, but it’s also hard on your pets. Ways to help animals adapt include:

  • Setting up a bed immediately
  • Using familiar toys and food bowls
  • Following your usual walk, play, and meal schedule

If you have a cat, consider buying a cat door — that way, your pet can explore freely. Make sure to select a model that’s easy to install, and look for a door with a secure lock for safety. It’s also important to verify that you can get new parts from the manufacturer if something breaks.

Find New Favorites

Moving to a new place can make you feel adrift and untethered. Finding new favorite places creates an anchor; it gives you a sense of ownership over your new community. To get there, you’ll need to experiment — try new coffee shops, take a different walking route around the neighborhood every day, and experiment with different grocery stores. You’ll meet new people and feel like a local in no time.

Update Your Outdoor Area

The outdoor space is easy to overlook in a new home, especially when you’re focused on unpacking. By beautifying the yard and porch, you’ll expand your living space and create a place you’re proud to call home.

  • Mow the grass and plant flowers
  • Clean up debris
  • Decorate the front door, porch, or stoop 
  • Add outdoor seating
  • Hang string lights

Make Social Connections

When you move to a new place, it’s easy to feel isolated. There’s only one way to dispel loneliness — make new connections. Start by:

  • Introducing yourself to neighbors. Greet them in the hall or when you’re working in the yard.
  • Joining local organizations. Community theaters, hiking groups, and volunteer groups are great places to meet people.
  • Attending local events. Go to concerts, festivals, plays, and sporting events, and strike up conversations. 
  • Taking fitness classes. Build a community of other exercisers.

Feel Comfortable in Your New Home

With a proactive approach, you can settle into a new home and community in no time. Find out how to improve your living space at Cool Wind Media.

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