In order to give yourself the best possible chances of having a successful career and home life, you need to choose the city you’ll live in carefully. If you want your home to be in Texas, then we’ve prepared a list of the best cities in Texas for young professionals to help you do just that!


Austin is, in many ways, absolutely ideal for young professionals to build their lives in. The city has fantastic amenities, a stunningly vibrant economy, a promising future, and many other valuable and profitable features. The variety of available entry-level and more advanced jobs in Austin is almost intimidating. And let’s also not forget about their fantastic cuisine, either! If you give the city a chance, you will find yourself quickly planning a move here! Just remember to look into the important legal considerations to keep in mind when buying a home if it’s your first time doing it! 

People having fun in Austin
Austin also has plenty of entertainment options!


Irving deserves its spot on our list of best cities in Texas for young professionals by its family-related opportunities. The job market in the city is not as impressive as the other cities on our list. But you are unlikely to find a significantly better place to raise a family! Moving to Irving and hiring movers for the more challenging aspects of the task to let pros handle this is definitely recommended if you are serious about starting a new life with your spouse. While the job market is not all that impressive, it is still robust enough to guarantee you will be able to find a job in a decent timeframe.


Dallas might be a rather classical option for one of the best cities in Texas for young professionals, but that’s only because you can’t ignore everything the city offers. Its job market is just that rich. If you can’t find something you’d like to do here, you are unlikely to find your dream profession elsewhere, either. It also helps that the city’s scale means plenty of exciting and quality amenities and services. It is much easier to prepare your home for renovation here than in some of the small cities on our list, for example.


Garland is one of the best cities in Texas for young professionals because it strikes a pretty good balance of everything a young professional needs. The crime rate is extremely low. It has some great local schools. The cost of purchasing a home is relatively low, and the condition and inherent value of properties for sale in the city are relatively high. The city also has a decent offering of jobs and a well-developed economy. In other words, it may not stand out in any particular category to the point of overshadowing other cities. But the sheer variety and overall quality of everything the city offers allows it to be one of the best-ranked cities in Texas! So, consider moving to Garland and hiring movers to make it your new home!


For its size, Houston is shockingly cheap to purchase a home in. For a city that has been developing explosively and constantly trying to improve its economy and job market, despite already having stellar avenues for people to pursue their careers within the city, the daily cost of living has also been kept relatively low. Is Houston as big as New York? Of course not; New York is much bigger! So, we can’t say you’d expect prices in Houston to be as depressingly high as the other city. But you’d expect them to be much higher when keeping Houston’s successes in mind. Thankfully, the city remains grounded, and living within it is still much more manageable than in New York or similarly large and expensive cities.

Houston, one of the best cities in Texas for young professionals
Houston is a rather impressive-looking city!


Arlington is a haven of coffee shops, parks, and smaller stores. The city is among the smaller ones on our list of best cities in Texas for young professionals. So, you likely won’t be able to find employment as swiftly and efficiently in some of the other locations. Still, this doesn’t mean Arlington should be discarded as an option! The local housing market will ensure you can get a decent home in no time. And the more relaxed lifestyle in the city has a charm of its own. The only real drawback of the city is its lack of public transit options. You will also need to invest in a vehicle to get around easily.


Denton is a well-known college city, which means that you can both get your education and get a solid start as a young professional here. The city also has a pretty great music and entertainment scene for those who like to indulge in such things! The entire package is topped off by a very affordable cost of living that will let you make the best possible use of your paycheck once you do have a job.

Working in a small business
You can find a decent number of small businesses and startups in this city.


Richardson is hands down, the smallest of the best cities in Texas for young professionals. However, with its size comes a charm of its own! The city actually has a surprisingly active nightlife, as well as a very decent array of bars and restaurants that serve some truly delicious food! Most residents also own their homes here, meaning you will be able to get your hands on a property and start building up your life more easily. Of course, you should still take the time to learn about setting up your dream home and consider other options, but Richardson still makes for a solid pick.

Final comment

This concludes our list of the best cities in Texas for young professionals! We hope that at least one of the cities on our list has caught your fancy. And if that’s not the case, don’t worry. Texas has plenty of other amazing cities for you to consider and explore before making your decision.

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