St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) is said to have its origins in the festival of Lupercalia, Rome, held in mid-February. On the day of the festival, the priests performed the rite of killing a goat and dog for fertility and purity sake in front of a cave that was believed to have hidden baby Lupercalia in infancy. The goat’s hide was removed and taken to the market where it was slapped gently on the women. These women are paired off with men who later become couples. Another common legend states that St. Valentine defied the emperor’s orders and secretly wedded soldiers from war to their partners. It is for this reason that his feast day is associated with love. But the true origin of the holiday is vague at best. 


Valentine’s day is now more than a bouquet of roses and chocolate. It is about quality time spent together with someone special in your life. Valentine’s day is that sacred day when you thrive to liss the unique bond you share with your loved one. It is the day you let your loved one know that what you feel for them is beyond chocolate and flowers. Whatever the case may be, this day is of tremendous value in every lover’s life, which is why it is necessary to celebrate it in such a remarkable way that will leave an indelible mark in the heart of the one you love. The traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s with your loved one was to send a bouquet of roses or a dinner at home or in town. But the most thoughtful and distinctive way of celebrating it would be in a magical, enchanting, and majestic location.



Be original this February and get inspiration from this article on locations (whether low-budget or high-budget) that will leave unique experiences your loved ones will appreciate.

To enjoy a vacation like never before, here are some of the special places to go on Valentine’s day that you can add to your travel list. Even Lupercalia will envy your choice of location.


Paris is known to be the city of romance and true love, right from the beginning of the world to this present age. Beautified with elegant monuments, breathtaking architectural structures, and intelligent artifacts. There is no other place that ranks top than Paris. Falling in love with Paris is effortless to do, and taking an adventure around the city with a loved one where you will breathe love and soak in romantic fervor creates endless memories.

For lovers outside Paris, you will need a special Visa called the Schengen visa. It is used to travel to countries under the Schengen area. You can apply for it from the French embassy. It is valid for a period of 90-180 days.

Best things to do on Valentine’s day in Paris

  • Cinema with your Lover

Paris will remain the global face of cinema with over 400 screens across 75 venues — up 85% from 2020. They showcase not only French productions, but also the best cinema works from across the globe. Most importantly, what makes Paris the capital of cinema is the fact that it encourages domestic production to a large extent. That’s why the world-class cinema infrastructure exists in Paris. 

If you and your loved one wouldn’t mind being movie buffs for a few days, then here are cinemas that won’t disappoint.

  • Le Péniche Cinéma

It’s the city’s hidden gem when it comes to cinema. One of the main crux of Paris in Le Péniche is the river Seine, which is why it is called the lifeblood of the city of love. The cinema is built on water. 

  • Ciné 13 Théâtre

It is located at 1 avenue Junot – 75018 Paris

Montmartre – La Chapelle – 18e Arrondissement. It is found in Montmartre Hill, close to Moulin de la Galette and the Moulin Rouge. In terms of comfortable seating and live music and dance, Ciné 13 Théatre is the best.

  • Cinema Le Balzac

This is an exquisite place for romance movies not common in any cinematographic multiplex. Cozy seats and bars for relaxation and a delicious cup of coffee before the screening

  1. Eat a sumptuous meal

Paris practically killed it when it comes to preparing luxurious meals and cuisine. So spend an unforgettable experience with your loved one exploring the tastiness of these meals. Here are restaurants that can’t disappoint.

  • Le Cinq

This restaurant is ingeniously plated with french dishes decorated in a grand style. Their cuisine is light, consisting of plant-based, fished based products and dairy.

  • Epicure at Le Bristol

This place is best known for its luxury in dishes and wine.

  1. Other activities to spend quality time with 

Your loved one includes visiting these romantic museums in Paris( e.g. Musée de la Vie Romantique), watching a Cabaret Show(e.g. Moulin Rouge), attending the Opera or Ballet(e.g. Opéra Bastille), and lots more.

Best places to stay

It is key to book a cozy place before embarking on the journey abroad where you and your loved one will stay. When checking into the room, try to make sure its external view captures the powerful tower of the Eiffel. Now, take a look at other exclusive yet affordable hotels you can lodge on Valentine’s.

Hotel du Lion d’Or Louvre

This is one of the most charming hotels in Paris. Well positioned close to tourist centers for amazing views. At the intersection of rue de Rivoli, rue saint Honoré, the Palais Royal, and the Louvre Museum, the power structure of Hotel du Lion d’Or Louvre stands. 

Other hotels include. Hôtel Astoria – Astotel, Novotel Paris Les Halles, Hôtel Le Milie Rose, La Maison Favart.


Venice is known for many things but the distinguishing characteristic of this place is that it is known to be the floating City. The city is made of beautiful islands over 400 in number connected by bridges. It is also known for its charming and attractive cities. Most places are covered with water which makes it a perfect excuse to explore the city with your loved one on a gondola ride.

Best things to do on Valentine’s day in Venice

  • A romantic classic gondola ride

What’s the one activity that should always cross your mind once you are in Venice? This activity is littered all over Venice and known to be specially created for lovers — The gondola ride. You wouldn’t enjoy Venice without going on a romantic gondola ride with your loved one. There is a private tour guide who will take you to the most charming places in the city, which only the river goes to. You will discover attractive places on the water. And as you keep going, the gentle breeze of the sky will wrap itself around you and your lover, cuddled by the waves of the lagoon.

  • Walk over the Bridges of Sighs

This is one of the best sights in Venice. It was believed to host prisoners on their way to execution. When they got to the last bridge of the city, they turned and let out a loud sigh. And that’s how this bridge got its name: Bridges of Sighs.

But now this bridge has become one of the most romantic sights in Venice. Go for a stroll at Bridges of Sighs on Valentine’s Day. I can assure you that its romantic ambiance will mesmerize you.

  • Other worthwhile activities to do while in

 Venice includes Visiting an island near Venice, celebrating Valentine’s Day with seafood, visiting the romantic Murano, Burano, and Torcello, dancing at night in Saint Mark Square, enjoying the city at sunset hand in hand, and lots more.

Best places to stay in Venice

  • Hotel Palazzo Stern

It is the most-rated hotel in Venice in terms of romance, love, and architectural structure. Located at Dorsoduro 2792-2794/A-2792/B, 30123 Venice, Italy

  • Hotel Moresco

In terms of perfecting positioning and top-notch standards, this hotel is number 1. Little wonder visitors called it the “Treasure of Venice”. Its mighty structure is solidly located at Sestiere Dorsoduro 3499, 30123 Venice, Italy

  • Al Ponte Antico Hotel

This is one of the most romantic hotels in Venice because of the way it is positioned at the entrance of the Grand Canal. This makes for an excellent view of the romance that fills the city. Located at Cannaregio 5768, 30131 Venice, Italy


London is a place to explore historic landmarks, lush parks, and beautiful feats of engineering with your loved one. It is stamped upon with footprints of romance, adventure, theatre, parties, dishes, and culture. 

Best things to do on Valentine’s day in London

There are multiple experiences you can indulge in on Valentine’s Day in London. Take your pick and make this a memorable day for you and your loved one.

  • Take a romantic cruise on River Thames

 River Thames flows through central London and provides an attractive backdrop to many of the city’s top tourist attractions, including Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and the Tower of London. You and your loved one can spend time on this river admiring some of London’s iconic monument

  • Explore the city

You can discover what the city has to offer. What your partner loves about this city and what interesting activities caught your attention?

  •  Eat at Camden Market

Rows and columns of shops and eateries offer different mouth-watering products. Despite its bustles, it is stamped to be the favorite eat out of all Londoners.

Best places to stay, on Valentine’s day in London

  • The Ace Hotel

This is where you learn a new skill. Located in Shoreditch, they are running a Valentine-themed embroidery workshop, where guests will learn how to hand sew using DMC embroidery threads.

  • Berkeley’s secret cinema

Nestled in a cozy rooftop forest retreat and with just the twinkle of lanterns illuminating your chalet-style cabin.


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