With the pandemic having a huge impact on people’s well-being, research conducted by Wren Kitchens reveals the best indoor plants to boost your mood. From Aloe Vera to English Ivy, these house plants are guaranteed to bring you some happiness.

 Boost your mood with these indoor plants

  • Wren Kitchens reveals the best houseplants to boost your mood 
  • Indoor plants can reduce 87% of toxins in the air, reduce blood pressure and make you feel calmer

The pandemic has left everybody feeling a little bit blue. With everyone being stuck inside for almost a year now, it is sometimes hard to find ways to stay positive. It’s a well-known fact that spending time in nature is good for your wellbeing, so what better way to boost your mood than to bring nature inside. With search volumes for “house plants delivered” increasing by 400%, and “buy houseplants online” by 200% since lockdown, Wren Kitchens have revealed the best houseplants to have in your home to help boost your mood:

Aloe vera

The gel from aloe vera can help to soothe acne, burns and dry skin, helping you both physically and mentally. To allow your aloe vera plant to thrive, place it in bright but indirect sunlight, and let it dry in between watering.


Place your lavender plant in the bedroom, and the scent will help to reduce your stress levels, enabling you to sleep better. To let it grow, water it regularly and leave it in a place that gets a lot of light.

Snake plant

Had issues in the past with keeping plants alive? Try a snake plant – they need minimal care, but can really help to improve your wellbeing as they add moisture to the air and release oxygen. They’re particularly ideal for people who suffer from allergies – and interestingly, they were the most Googled plant in lockdown!

Peace lily

Peace lilies are great houseplants to have. Not only do they soak up mold spores in the air; but they also absorb their water before releasing it back into their environment – so place your peace lily in a dry room.

Monstera plant

You’ve likely seen the Monstera (also referred to as a Swiss cheese plant) clogging up your Insta feed, but they can actually boost your mood. They purify the air, making your home healthier – plus, you can grow new plants from their cuttings.

English ivy

Like peace lilies, English ivy absorbs mold in the air, helping to purify your home; and it also has properties that help you to stop being restless, meaning you can enjoy a better night’s sleep.


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