You might think that when you want to decorate your outdoor space, it would be a good idea to throw down whatever carpet you have lying around the house and call it a day. That is far from the facts, though. You need to consider what type of rugs you are putting outside. You also need to pay attention to the décor of the carpet compared to the furniture placed around the area.

The Do’s Of Choosing Outdoor Rugs

When choosing outdoor rugs, you want to think ahead before you purchase any. Outdoor rugs may not be as complicated as building a deck or patio. The fact is that the rug you place on the floor of the outdoor area will considerably impact how it looks to you, your family, and anyone else that happens to drop by to chat.

  • Do match the rug to the style and décor that you have in place

  • Do use a rug mat under the carpet that you are putting down

  • Do match the shape and size that you have room for with the rug that you plan to put down

  • Do choose a rug that will accent the area that it is going in

  • Do choose a rug that pops out at you when walking outside

  • Do make sure that the outdoor furniture legs can be placed along the edges of the rug to help hold it in place

You can see many things you should do when choosing and placing a rug in your outdoor space. What didn’t get touched upon is the shapes of the rugs that you can use. Depending upon your area, the room you have on the floor, and the shapes f the open floor, you can choose from many different shapes and sizes.

For instance, rectangular outdoor rugs will go great as a runner alongside the edge of an outdoor daybed. A round one could fill the area in front of the grill, and a square one could be placed in front of the door to look good and catch anything from your feet before entering the house.

The Dont’s Of Choosing An Outdoor Rug

There are not as many things that you don’t want to do with an outdoor rug, but there are a few that you need to keep in mind. They are simple things that you already know but might need a little nudge in the back to remember.

  • Don’t bring one of your indoor rugs outside. The rugs you use outdoors must be designed and produced to hold up to the elements.

  • Don’t be afraid to show off who you are through the colors and patterns of your rugs. Yes, they should complement your other outdoor décor, but they do not have to be exact replicas.

  • Don’t buy an outdoor rug without knowing the exact size you need for the area. Remember to go a little bit bigger so it can be held down by the weight of the outdoor furniture.

There are not many things that you don’t want to do when using outdoor rugs. You just need to analyze your specific situation, and if you have to ask yourself if something is a good idea, it probably isn’t. If you know without thinking it is the wrong way to go, do not do it, no matter how much time and effort it will save you.


The do’s and dont’s of choosing an outdoor rug for your living space away from the rest are pretty straightforward. If the rug matches your style, does the job it is supposed to do and does not create any safety issues, then more than likely, you are good to go. If you have doubts, just walk away and don’t do it. Otherwise, spread your wings and create a unique look with outdoor rugs that no one else can match.

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