Every year, there are certain things people seek after, certain people that become more popular than ever before, and certain trends that make a bigger impact than others. And this year is no exception. With technology taking over almost all aspects of a modern lifestyle, it’s safe to say that it is definitely changing the real estate industry as well. So, if this is a field that interests you, here are a few ways in which today’s trends are shaping the real estate industry.

Tech Companies are Becoming More Active

It’s safe to say that most of the major tech companies, like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, have redefined the way we live today. Nowadays, we all depend on technology in some way, and thus, those companies are constantly growing – both in the actual world and in the digital world. They’ve also made a difference in the real estate industry; Google has spread in Silicon Valley, Apple has been building new stores, and Facebook is active in the housing market. All in all, they are buying more and more land for their needs, which is forcing the international companies to reinvent themselves and get active in the sector as well.

Green is the New Black

People are beginning to notice the benefits of nature when it comes to our mental health. Plants can help us de-stress, they purify the air around us, and they have a very relaxing effect overall. With all that in mind, it’s not hard to see why merging the urban with the natural is the new trend that’s becoming increasingly popular. New offices are built with more natural lighting in mind and with plenty of added plants, many buildings have green facades, and there are more than a few other design solutions that include natural elements in some way, like Japanese Shinrin-yoku, for instance. One of the purposes of such designs is to give people time and opportunity for self-reflection and technological detox, which is something most people need in the digital age. 

People Want More Romanticism

Living spaces are not just about the basic things you need for life – they are also about creating experiences and building connections. In other words, they are about creating communities. Today, people care more about the relationships they can have at the location they choose than about the building alone. They want to be able to create positive memories and actually fall in love with their new home. So, one of the real estate trends is definitely focusing on positive user experience. And, if you’d like to have a home that is not just about functionality but about the whole experience, certain builders, for instance, offer properties that can be customized to fit all your needs. In short, they can make your home truly one of a kind.

There are Many New Alternative Forms Of Living

Today, the way we live is much different than it used to be. Research has shown that 1 in 10 people live alone, house prices are increasing, more people want to live in the city than there are available housing options, healthcare costs are rising, and the sharing economy is more common than ever before.

Because of all that, you can now find more than a few alternative living options, most of which are based on co-living. It is expected that such concepts will continue growing with the population, as well as the number of digital services that manage such living complexes. As the bachelor’s degree in interior design at Raffles Milano teaches us, the power of design lies in the ability to bring together different things, and make them both functional and appealing. It helps us embrace the art of change and adapt our living space so it fully serves its purpose and is pleasant and comfy for living. 

Thinking about the Future

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a large-scale real estate investor, the main factors that will be influencing the future of this dynamic field are social conditions, new regulations, and construction innovations. Moreover, there is also the question of global warming and what needs to be done for houses and other buildings to withstand it. They all require different strategic decisions, as investing in buildings that can last long into the future is one of the essential things today.

If you’re interested in real estate or if you’re simply thinking about building a new home so you’re trying to learn more about today’s trends, the above-listed trends are some of the things you should be aware of. Today, it’s a lot about thinking ahead, adapting to the future and preserving nature, as it’s the only way to truly enjoy your home.

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