I’m not lying when I tell you that there are really only 2 things you need to have to get the body of your dreams in today’s world: a computer or phone, and some motivation.  Let me repeat the second one again, as it’s the most important thing – Motivation.

I have sworn by online personal training for most of my life because it’s free, you don’t need a gym membership, and you can push yourself to try a workout that may be out of your comfort zone, plus you get the added benefit of doing it from home and not having to fight the traffic getting to the gym. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor myself, I can confidently say I’ve tried almost every social media fitness entrepreneur out there to find the best of the best. Those that make my top 5 got there because I can see efficient and positive physical results, I look to find a personal connection with the instructor’s video to make me want to come back for more, and most importantly, their videos are easy to find and watch. Nothing kills a workout like taking time to try to figure out the nuances of their social media account, website, YouTube page, or whichever platform you are streaming from. That being said, here are my favorites and I encourage you to check them out:

For Muscle Toning and Young Energy

Lindsay Harrod – a rising star in the social media fitness game. As a young 30-something-year-old from LA, she is known for her fashionable workout style and kick-ass workouts. You can find her workouts on her Instagram for free or go to her website to find live workouts for $5-$10 every day of the week. Her workouts range from weightlifting to cardio but with an emphasis on long, lean muscle tone. The “Live With Lindsay” workouts are my favorite because each day of the week is different, and being able to workout with her, gives me the extra motivation and push I need, instead of just following a recorded workout. These Live workouts have hundreds of men and women around the US participating and it allows you to really feel like you’re taking a class in person with great energy and lots of laughs. 

For Pilates and Encouragement 

Cassey Ho – a veteran in the YouTube fitness category, with her Pilates videos dating back to 2013. Her channel, known as “Blogilates” morphs “blog” and “pilates” into a unique at-home workout where she takes you through a series of weightless pilates workouts while also talking about her life and opinions throughout the video. I have been a Blogilates fan for 10+ years and love her workouts for a quick burn or ab finisher. Her videos are great if you’re new to fitness or just getting back into shape, as all you need is a mat and some floor space. Ho’s kind demeanor and talkative, bubbly personality makes the workout seemingly fly by, and we all love it when you’re not counting down the seconds right? The monthly fitness challenges she offers, such as, “Hot Girl Summer Sculpt” makes you feel ready to hit the beach in your favorite bikini any time of the year.  

For When You’re in a Time Crunch or You Love to Dance

Maddie Lymburner – popularly known for her YouTube channel “MadFit”, Lymburner is a Canadian fitness blogger with over 6 million followers. She has a background in dance and choreography, which makes for some fun, dance routine-based workouts with great music. If you didn’t think you could twerk, she will prove you wrong! The MadFit videos are all recorded and free on YouTube, ranging from weighted to weightless to stretching-based workouts. I love these workouts when I can only find 15 minutes in my day and still want to feel the burn and get a sweat going. She is a quiet and calming instructor which makes for a relaxed, but worthwhile sweat. If you’re wanting to get creative with vegetarian or vegan recipes as well, her robust ebooks and recipe blogs have some tasty and healthy treats to try out after your workout. I recently tried her Homemade Protein Bars for a sweet and chocolatey snack after a workout or in between meals and let me tell you, they were gone far too quick!

For Postpartum Moms and a Challenge

Kaylee Ullom – is a young mom who gets real about her life and body. Ullom earned her recognition for her Post-Partum and Booty Programs. If you have a busy life and a family, it is really easy to relate and create a connection. With her strong body, she is an inspiration for women of all ages. You can find her affordable workout programs and testimonials on her website along with her Amazon cart favorites for fitness gear, baby supplies, and home goods. Follow along on her for free recorded workouts or hop over to her Instagram account. I swear by these videos if you want to be sore for the rest of the week. With more complex movements, be sure to set aside 45 minutes – 1 hour for yourself and have access to weights and bands. Her workouts saved me at least 15 lbs during quarantine this past year and have me never looking back to a gym membership again. LOL  

For the Boys

Get your hubby to hop onto the online fitness game too, and watch him be surprised at how hard an at-home workout can be…

Bradley Simmonds – a past football player for Chelsea FC and Queens Park Rangers, who recently decided to use his experience and expertise toward personal training. Simmonds offers Live workouts on his website for a “come one, come to all” feel. He offers a variety of classes and levels from HIIT to Yoga, to Boxing. But don’t worry, each and every workout will leave you sweating. His Instagram account offers a variety of free, quick workouts for an efficient pump. As an Under Armor ambassador and Men’s Health cover model, you quickly believe in him and trust you’re in good hands.  For a weightless upper body day and a tough challenge, I really like his videos, and so will your hubby 

Leave your comments below if you get a chance to try a workout from one of my favorites, or if you have a favorite instructor that isn’t listed. I’m always game to try something new! 

Lily Gack

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