Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure at home. However, not every family has an opportunity to live in the perfect neighborhood patrolled by police. There are several reasons why people end up living in dangerous communities, like unemployment or limited income. But, no matter where you live, we are offering you some extra security measures and steps you can follow to stay safe. Here are just some of them: 

Get to Know Your Neighbors 

Meeting new people who live nearby is a great beginning. It would be great to determine which neighbors to avoid and which ones can possibly be your friends. After all, you share the same trouble in this dangerous community, so try to find someone like yourself and join or start a Neighborhood Watch- increase security patrol services. This is an excellent start for creating a solid bond between neighbors. If your neighbors want to join it, that means they want to invest in each other’s safety and be willing to take care of each other. 

Install a Home Security System 

Maybe the best option for keeping your home safe is installing a home security system. You start can with a couple of cameras, some door and window sensors, motion sensors, and alarms. All these elements need to be connected to the central panel, a computer that alarms security systems. Many people decide on surveillance cameras in the first place associated with the computer or even phones, so you can get the signal when something is wrong. It is an excellent way of getting footage of a home invasion, for example. Don’t forget to secure your garage, and car and install effective door locks. One extra piece of advice is constantly to check your door twice before you go to sleep and never sleep with your windows open. It can be helpful to have a number of emergency services on your fridge, just in case. If it makes you feel safer, think about getting a dog, especially if you live alone. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings 

Try to avoid abandoned homes. They could be hazardous places for those like you because you never know what or who you can find there. Those houses or abandoned properties can be converted into drug houses for illegal substances. In combination with constant police sirens and a massive number of these objects, you can conclude that you live in a dangerous community. When you are going out, try to mind your own business. Don’t look at people too much, especially if you see potential gang members. Just don’t make eye contact and try not to wear any clothes in gang color. Also, one of the essential things is to walk quickly, and confidently, and not look terrified. Act like you always know where exactly you are going. Don’t be an easy target. If you live in an area where thefts happen almost every day, do not leave valuables in your car like a cell phone or jewelry. Increase the amount of light inside and outside your home and avoid certain streets and dark corners. 

Along with installing your home security system and following these steps, never forget to look brave to discourage potential criminals. Maybe the best way to live in this community is to have someone on your side, so it’s more than essential to socialize and find an honest friend in your neighborhood. 

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