Having a nice garden with lovely outdoor furniture for dining and relaxing is a beautiful thing. Furniture can make your garden feel like an extension of your home, giving you extra space to spend summer evenings or long sunny afternoons. Outdoor furniture is more exposed to the elements than its indoor counterparts, so requires some extra TLC to make sure they are cleaned and last you a long time. Let’s discuss the best ways to clean and maintain your outdoor furniture to help you enjoy it for many years to come.

Types of Outdoor Furniture

There are many types and styles of outdoor furniture available to you. What kind, material, and design of furniture you own or plan to buy will lead to extra care and attention levels needed. Hence, cleaning Adirondack chairs will be a slightly different process than cleaning plastic or metal furniture. We love wooden outdoor furniture. Beautiful folding chairs and tables complement the natural beauty of your outdoor space. These chairs are comfortable for long periods and can be decorated with gorgeous covers or cushions. Of course, you may prefer metal or plastic furniture. Each has its own merits.

Regular Cleaning

You will likely leave your furniture in place during the summer months and uncovered for the whole season. Regular cleaning is acceptable and safe, but your chairs will undoubtedly benefit from some regular attention. We recommend a once-weekly clean with all furniture, be it treated wood, metal, or other materials. Make it part of your weekly cleaning routine at home. First, take a simple solution of mildly soapy water and wipe down any dirt, dust, or grime from your furniture. There are cleaning solutions available designed for wooden or outdoor furniture as well. If you choose to purchase one of these, be sure to read the instructions before using it carefully. Use a sponge or cloth when cleaning instead of anything abrasive – we don’t want any scratches!

Once clean, rinse or wipe them down once more, this time with cold, clean water. This helps to avoid a soapy film building up on the surface, which can also leave stains and marks on your furniture. Once the whole chair has been rinsed, dry off with a clean towel, and you’re done! Any more challenging spots or grime in bolts, cracks, or hinges may require a slightly more challenging touch. Don’t be afraid to work things quite hard in these areas; they can take it. Just ensure everything is appropriately dried afterward to avoid rust.

Before and After the Summer

At the beginning and end of the season, you should do a deep tdooclean of your chairs. One option here is to use a hose or power washer to blast away any long-term dirt or debris. Power washing can seem a little scary, but you’re very unlikely to damage any wood finishes with simple, powerful water.

Another option is to buy a strong wood cleaner and use a cloth or brush to get into all the edges and corners. Just be sure to dry down furniture after cleaning to ensure you don’t leave any lasting watermarks. After they are clean, you may consider applying a new layer of finish or treatment, depending on the type of furniture you own. An older chair or table that has been worn down over the years may require a new coat of varnish, paint, or other treatment every few years. Check what type of wood furniture you have and buy the correct medicine for it.

Protecting Your Furniture

In the wintertime, we recommend putting your furniture somewhere warm and dry to keep it safe. Leaving wooden furniture out through frost, snow, and rainy season can be very damaging. If you have room in a garage, spare room, or another storage area, bring them inside for a few months to protect them. If this is not possible, consider purchasing some furniture covers to keep them dry throughout the winter. Doing this will help make your chairs last an extra few years and save you money, replacing them.

Having a beautiful set of garden furniture is truly a joy, and as you have seen, not very much work to maintain at all. It is worth following these simple steps to make sure your furniture is long-lasting, stays looking fresh, and keeps you and your guests comfortable for many years to come! With outdoor furniture, a little cleaning goes a long way.

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