Yes, selling your house for cash is a better idea if you need the money quickly. Also, selling the house or condo for cash reduces the amount you spend on closing costs. For instance, you will save on paying appraisal fees, credit checks, loan origination fees, etc. But these costs are mainly for the buyer. However, the seller will save money on closing costs. To learn about how to sell your house and earn more, read this article.

Step by step instructions on how to sell your house in cash

If you have a house and want a quick sale, selling it for cash may be a better option. Cash offers close quickly compared to when the buyer wants to pay with a credit facility. Follow these steps to sell your house for cash:

Find out the house value

Reach out to realtors to find out how much your house is worth. A realtor will conduct a competitive market analysis to evaluate the property’s value. Meanwhile, you can also find out the value of other houses with similar features around. Pretend to be a buyer and ask for the house’s cost. Use that to fix the cost of your property.

Compare cash to home value offers

Sometimes, potential buyers feel you need the money urgently, and that’s why you want to sell for cash. You need to find out what buyers with credit facilities are offering before you accept cash for your house. By doing so, they want to offer half the value of the house. If buyers with credit facilities offer more, then opt for it. The only disadvantage is that buyers’ credit facilities from a mortgage company take more time to close out. 

Look for a buyer

There is no one way to look for a buyer. You can reach out to a realtor to find buyers, or you can advertise your house on an online hospitality website. Furthermore, social media is a great platform to showcase your house for sale. However, add that you want a cash sale. Adding that you want to sell for cash streamlines the potential buyers that will come your way.

Sign a contract

When you have decided on your house’s best offer, sign a contract. Reach out to an attorney to prepare the legal documents to convey the property to the buyer. Let the attorney know the terms of sale that will suit your property.


Partnering with a realtor is better if you want to sell your house for cash. However, you may be lucky to find a friend or colleague interested in buying your condo or house. 

Therefore, telling people your intention to sell the house by word of mouth is also a good idea. Don’t allow buyers to take advantage of you because you want to sell your house for cash. Fix the price that suits you and be patient; the right buyer will show up. I prefer to sell my house cash because of these reasons highlighted here.


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  • Charlotte Fleet

    I find it interesting that you can save money on closing costs by selling your house for cash. My older brother and his wife want to sell their house quickly and still get a good price for it this month. I’ll suggest that they save money in the home-selling process by finding a reputable home buyer that will pay cash.

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