Like summer, Boho Chic interiors evoke our life’s most adventurous moments. With longer days we now have more time to relax, let our creativity flow, and entertain possibilities- perhaps explaining why so many of our strangest yet fascinating escapades occur this time of year. Promote and set the scene of your next midsummer night’s dream with these tried and true Boho Chic design suggestions.

What’s Boho?

If you think “Bohemian” and envision Lord Byron in his pantaloons or a hippy in a van, you’re not wrong. But this article’s here to adapt what these characters would do to your living room and make it a fresh new look for 2023. Being Bohemian simply means you are a person participating in the practice of an unconventional lifestyle. Artists and wanderers are most often grouped under this label. In interior design, it’s commonly thought of as a style that combines elements from various cultures and time periods to create an original, eclectic, and fashionable look.Boho Chic interior room

How to Add the Chic

Now you’re probably thinking how do you make these eclectic arrangements fashionable? Boho Chic values individualism, so the possibilities are endless. For a up to date take on the look, stick to the tenets of the modern styles you admire (i.e. minimalist, rustic, or urban), and think about adding these Boho elements noted down below as accessories for a little extra touch of personality.

  1. Look for Aged Items with Unique Textures

Aged texture on a couch looking very Boho Chic

As a Bohemian, you want your party guests to believe your décor is an ensemble of the rarities you’ve collected while out on your travels. Like Indiana Jones, a fair percentage of your furnishings have their own history and were nearly impossible to find. For example, the sun damage on this chaise lounge chair gives it a charming weathered you’d never discover at Crate and Barrel. Don’t hesitate to incorporate an aged item like this among your sleek living room furniture for a modern-day Boho Chic feel.

(Girard Ave. Market Place)

  1. Add Natural Elements

The Bohemian way of life is deeply rooted in its connection with the natural world. It rejects modern sensibilities such as function and high-powered technology in favor of what is unique and spiritually provoking. Incorporating natural elements like live plants, wood, stone, and organic textiles into your space will give the room a tranquil atmosphere creativity thrives in.

Natural elements added to a room giving the boho chic feel

  1. A Meeting of Cultures

The nomadic nature of Bohemians makes them multi-cultured. Naturally, their style reflects their love and knowledge of the numerous lifestyles they have encountered on their travels. When creating your own Boho look, bring together traditional items from the cultures that have influenced you. Some examples of traditional cultural items are Zarapes from Mexico, Foo Dogs from China, or Buddha statues from Burma (Myanmar).

Left: David Allen Collection, Right: Girard Ave. Market Place

(Left: David Allen Collection, Right: Girard Ave. Market Place)

  1. Handmade Items

Nothing is more one of a kind than décor made with the love and care of an artist or craftsman!  These artistic pieces will give any room the unique and artistic charm Bohemians exude.

Top: David Allen Collection, Bottom: Girard Ave. Market Place

(Top: David Allen Collection, Bottom: Girard Ave. Market Place)

  1. Where to find Boho Chic Décor

The furniture examples you see in this article come from David Alan Collection in Solana Beach and Girard Ave Marketplace located in La Jolla. Inside David Alan, you’ll find a gallery of modern organic wood furniture, rare antiques from Asia, and custom made wood slab tables. Girard Ave Marketplace, on the other hand, specializes in antique-vintage furnishings with 12 different vendors providing seasonal items that reflect their own take on Boho style.

By Taylor Austin


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