Oh, Valentine’s Day. Some love it, some hate it, others would rather it be left off the yearly calendar all together. Each year on Feb.14, people around the world exchange gifts, candies, cards, flowers and many a sensual kiss.  But, at the essence, this day is about showing love for one another. Regardless of your relationship status, you can make Valentine’s Day special.  Here are a few ideas, tips and tricks to make cupid’s arrow sting a little less and hit the mark a little more.

Live Music

Everyone loves music. The type of music is key here. If your partner isn’t a fan of country, you might think twice about bringing them to a Blake Shelton Concert. If you pay attention to the kind of music your partner likes, bringing them to the right concert shows them you care. This makes a meaningful date and a great gift. If you’re lucky, they might even play a slow song. 


If you and your partner are into fitness, hiking may be a great option. Doing something active could be symbolic of the type of relationship you have. Make sure not to take them on a physically challenging hike (sweat is not always romantic) but think of it as more of a romantic stroll. Beautiful scenery can really set the tone of the day. Once you get to the end of the hike you can pick the perfect spot to take in nature and have a romantic picnic. Flowers and heart shaped candies will add an extra festive feel. 

Fancy Dinner 

A nice dinner is a classic Valentine’s Day go-to. If you and your partner go out to eat a lot, I would recommend taking it up a notch for this special day. The key is being unexpected, you want to surprise your partner with something different and special. While your weekly burger date is fun, the burger stand may not be the best choice here. A local restaurant downtown, by the beach, or on a rooftop will surely an impression. 

Drive Up Movies 

Since the pandemic, drive up movies are making a comeback. If you or your partner are extra concerned about social distancing, drive up movies are the perfect date to get out of the house, snuggle up in your car, or out under the stars as you enjoy a romantic film on the big screen.   Don’t forget a nice warm blanket for the two of you.

Romantic Weekend Getaway

If you want to go above and beyond this year, a weekend getaway aims to impress. Think about your partners favorite places. Do they enjoy going to the beach? The mountains? The city? These factors should all be taken into consideration when planning your weekend getaway.

Personal Care Day 

Each year, many spend Valentine’s Day on their own. If you don’t have a partner this year, that’s okay. Any of the dates above can be done solo or with besties. Is there something in the back of your mind that you’ve always wanted to experience? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to go for it. Being single is an opportunity to find yourself, explore life, and have fun. 

Each couple is different, and the perfect Valentine’s Day date is different for everyone. If you put in the effort, your partner will surely appreciate it. It’s the thought that counts.

By Hope Munoz

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