If you’ve been spending quite a bit more time at home for the past year and a half, chances are you could benefit from making some updates to your home’s design. After all, your home is supposed to be a refuge—somewhere you can retreat to each day to relax and recharge. If you’re ready to breathe some inspiration back into your living environment, you’ve come to the right place! Your Home Design Center has provided some budget-friendly ideas to get you started:

Think about property value. 

With any home improvement you make—whether simple or extensive—you want to consider the impact it will have on your home’s appraisal value. Even if you have no plans to sell at the moment, you never know when a desire or opportunity to sell will come in the future. 

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, even the small updates you take on will matter. Do some research to figure out what buyers are looking for right now, and keep those in mind as you refresh your living space. And of course, you’ll want to keep track of any progress you make through receipts and photos. 

Incorporate plants. 

Nature is good for the soul. So why not bring nature into your home? Find some potted plants and fresh-cut florals to work into your home’s design. Not only will it help to boost your mood, make for a calming atmosphere, and enhance the overall appeal of your space, but it will even improve your home’s air quality! 

Swap out hardware.  

This is a super-easy task that can transform the look of a room. Change out the hardware on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with modern hardware. And see if there are any drawers or vanities that need new pulls. In most cases, you’ll be able to find hardware that matches your existing screw holes. But even if you have to drill new holes, it’s a relatively simple job. 

Get out the paint roller. 

Your living room feels too sterile. The walls in your hallway or kitchen look dirty. The railings on your front porch have seen better days. Or your kitchen cabinets are desperate for some TLC. These are all problems that can be solved with just a few supplies. Carve out some time over the weekend to throw on a fresh coat of paint in areas of your home that need to be refreshed.  

Mix up your throw pillows. 

You can have a lot of fun by swapping out your throw pillows. Say goodbye to those stained, flat pillows that are making your sofa and chairs look sad. Go shopping (online or in-person), and have a blast picking out some new pillows. Don’t hesitate to mix up styles either. Look for various colors and textures via fabric, needlepoint, burlap, and other styles. 

Invest in new bedding.  

Last but not least—treat your bedroom to some fresh decor! After all, it’s imperative that you have a comfortable, calming place where you can retreat after a long day and get adequate rest. The simplest way to ensure your bedroom is the peaceful environment it should be is to invest in a new duvet, knitted throw, and/or new pillows. 

Your home is meant to be a place where you can be inspired and recharge. And if any year is the perfect time to make improvements, it’s this year! Along with considering the ideas above, keep looking for other ways you can make your living environment better serve its purpose. In no time, you’ll feel revived and relaxed in your home—ready to start each day anew!

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