Sustainable garments are gliding their way back into our consciousness and closets (like they always should have been). We are halfway through 2021, and when you least expect it, 2022 will be rolling around the corner with new, recycled, reinvented, edgy eco trends. 

Fashion trends themselves tend to be reworked, recycled, and recrafted to appear a wee bit newer, elevated, and more desirable than previous versions.

Every fashion brand, like us, uses trends as a means to support their statement – otherwise, they would cease to exist. 

Fashion trends have gleaned from two components: seasons and comfort.

Here are a few sustainable fashion trends to look out for in 2022:

  • The Minimalist 

Minimalism is anything but new – the movement began back in the 1950s, according to records. However, the minimalist wardrobe only began being recognized as such over time. From a designer’s perspective, this style has very little to do with the function of a garment and a lot more to do with the fabric and its form. In the 21st century, from the eyes of a millennial, the minimalist wardrobe consists of cutting down to the bare minimum and keeping the essential garments. 

  • Algae apparel

Although considered slimy and unhygienic, algae(bacteria) is an attractive, sustainable resource in the fashion industry. Algae apparel consists of two components: microalgae(living) and bacterial cellulose(nonliving). Due to the combination of these two components, items made of algae are resilient, clean, and vibrant in color.

  • Hemp garments

Cannabis is not only booming in the alternative medicine sphere, but it is also transforming the fashion industry. Hemp uses a lot less water than cotton and is much more durable than cotton – making it a much more desirable fabric for consumers who cherish durability. You can already tell, consumers are getting tired of buying items that last a season or less – and hemp apparel is for the long run.

  • Recycled Hybrid Deadstock Plaid Fashion 

Recycled fashion means the opportunity to design and wear one-of-a-kind items. This hybrid deadstock plaid-type of apparel may appear as if some random textiles were patched-up/knitted together. But with congruent patterns and colors, they end up conceiving vibrant and unique pieces. Plus, anyone at home with a bit of creativity, basic sewing skills, and a few pieces of reusable fabric(used cloth, patterned bandanas, etc.) could create their hybrid deadstock plaid outfit. Watch it bloom!


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