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A room decorated with Wooden board in brown, white, and blue color with interesting artwork above it showing How to Use Colors in Your Home Design

How to Use Colors in Your Home Design

Selecting colors for your home design is easy if you know some basic rules. However, it may feel challenging because there are so many shades to choose from, and they need to be put together in the right proportions if you want your home to look classy. Colors must work together in harmony, and they…

Navy Blue Velvet couch showing design trends for 2021

2021’s Hottest Design Trends

2020 was the year where everyone has spent tons of time at home. As far as we all know, 2021 will be an “at-home lifestyle” too – which means time to rethink your living space.  Design trends are continuously changing – and below you can see the trends that are ‘in’ this year: Add Blue…