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Laundry Room


If we were all being honest, we would admit that doing laundry is an unpleasant chore. Or tell me, do you get excited about dealing with smelly clothes that not only need to be washed and dried, but also folded and put away? I personally don’t, not even as a professional organizer. So because of…

A big window creating Natural Light Indoors

How to Create Natural Light Indoors

Having lots of natural light in a home carries many advantages. Relying less on artificial light saves you big bucks on monthly bills, and makes your home more energy efficient.  But that is not the only advantage exposure to natural light can also have some health benefits, including increased happiness and well-being. So not only…

A rented home with improvements.

Top 7 Renter-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

Just because you live in a rental doesn’t mean that you can’t make some changes in your house. Often, it is the only way to make the place feel more like home. However, you should never invest too much in a rental or make drastic changes. After all, you never know for how long you…