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Surfing social media for interior design projects

Social Media and Interior Decoration Inspiration

Social media is a Cyberspace technology that has narrowed the world into a global village. It plays a key role in distributing information, connecting people, building relationships, expanding, and promoting businesses. Social media is classified into various types based on its function. They include: 1. Social Networking These platforms promote networking amongst humans, create rooms…

Different types of floor designs and trends

Different types of floor designs and trends

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, flooring can’t be underestimated. Often overlooked by homeowners, flooring actually plays a crucial role in setting the foundations of your home’s interior design. Plus, starting with a solid foundation is the first step to making your interiors feel not just cohesive, but uniquely tailored to your tastes. Keeping…

A room decorated with Wooden board in brown, white, and blue color with interesting artwork above it showing How to Use Colors in Your Home Design

How to Use Colors in Your Home Design

Selecting colors for your home design is easy if you know some basic rules. However, it may feel challenging because there are so many shades to choose from, and they need to be put together in the right proportions if you want your home to look classy. Colors must work together in harmony, and they…