In the ever-evolving world of interior design, flooring can’t be underestimated. Often overlooked by homeowners, flooring actually plays a crucial role in setting the foundations of your home’s interior design. Plus, starting with a solid foundation is the first step to making your interiors feel not just cohesive, but uniquely tailored to your tastes. Keeping up with flooring trends is also a great way to ensure your space remains relevant, modern, and in line with the latest design aesthetics.


Halfway into 2023, it’s time we explore this year’s innovative new flooring trends. Whether you’re planning a renovation or you’re a first-time homeowner seeking fresh inspiration, staying updated with the latest flooring trends can enhance your space, harmonize with your lifestyle, and reflect your personal style. From bold and bright patterns to subtle wood grains, our picks for this year’s top trends are as diverse as they are stunning.


1. Bold Colors and Patterns

One of the most exciting flooring trends of 2023 is the resurgence of bold colors and patterns. Gone are the days of plain, neutral floors as homeowners embrace vibrant hues and eye-catching designs to make a bold statement. Whether you opt for geometric patterns, intricate motifs, or graphic tiles, bold flooring can instantly transform a room and add a dynamic focal point. These striking floors work exceptionally well in spaces with a minimalist or monochromatic color scheme, creating stunning contrast and injecting energy and personality into an otherwise monotone look. Bold flooring is also an excellent way to enhance specific areas, such as entryways or dining areas, by defining spaces and creating visual boundaries. 


2. Textured Flooring

Textured flooring is also taking the spotlight as a popular choice among homeowners and designers alike. Texture adds depth, character, and visual interest to a space, making it an excellent option for those seeking to create a tactile experience underfoot. From complex embossed patterns to distressed finishes, textured flooring offers a wide range of possibilities that suit various design aesthetics.


One of the standout trends in textured flooring this year is distressed wood, which replicates the worn and weathered look of a charming farmhouse or cozy cabin, providing a rustic appeal to your interiors. Not only does distressed wood enhance the visual appeal of your space, but its textured surface also adds an element of practicality by offering improved slip resistance, making it a suitable choice for high-traffic areas or spaces where safety is a priority.


3. Eco-Friendly Options

In an era where sustainability is a growing concern, eco-friendly flooring options are gaining significant popularity in 2023. The demand for flooring materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible is on the rise. 


Sustainable flooring choices include—but aren’t limited to—bamboo, cork, reclaimed wood, and recycled materials. Bamboo, in particular, has gained recognition for its renewability, making it an excellent alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. Cork flooring, derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, is eco-friendly and provides a comfortable and cushioned surface—excellent for high-traffic areas. On the other hand, reclaimed wood flooring utilizes salvaged wood from old structures, giving it a unique and rustic appeal while reducing the demand for new resources. Another eco-friendly option is using recycled materials, such as tiles made from recycled glass or carpeting crafted from recycled fibers. 


This range of sustainable flooring choices allows homeowners to minimize their ecological footprint without sacrificing unique styles or tastes. By opting for sustainable flooring options, you can enjoy the perfect blend of style and durability—all on top of contributing to a greener future.


4. Subtle Wood Grains

This type of flooring emphasizes the natural beauty of wood and lends itself well to a more refined and understated aesthetic. Thanks to the subtle graining, this flooring adds a sense of interest to the space without overpowering the interior decor. Usually seen in Scandi or minimalist homes, the delicate variations in the wood’s texture add to a neat and sparse environment without disrupting any visual harmony.


However, the variety in wood also allows for compatibility with a wide range of interior design styles. Lighter wood tones, such as pale oak or ash, can brighten a room and create an airy atmosphere, while darker wood finishes like walnut or mahogany add richness and depth. Choosing wood flooring can also align with the growing interest in sustainable flooring, as wood flooring can easily be sourced from reclaimed wood or crafted from more renewable sources, such as bamboo. 


Considering the timelessness and versatility of this flooring, subtle wood grains might always stay in style. Incorporating this flooring choice into your home design would be an investment that will continue to enhance the ambiance and appeal of your home for years to come.


5. Flagstone

For a touch of rustic charm and raw elegance, flagstone flooring makes a strong impression. This type of flooring is characterized by its irregular shapes, earthy colors, and textured surfaces, reminiscent of the natural stone found in traditional country cottages or rural landscapes. 


Flagstone flooring can be crafted from various materials, including slate, limestone, or sandstone, each with unique characteristics and hues. The irregular shapes and sizes of the stones create a sense of organic beauty and visual interest, providing a great alternative to the “raw” look of concrete flooring. This flooring works exceptionally well in spaces that aim to evoke a cozy and inviting atmosphere, such as living rooms, kitchens, or outdoor areas, and in spaces that evoke rustic or nature-centric aesthetics. The earthy color palette of flagstone flooring, ranging from warm browns to soft grays, adds a natural and earthy touch to a home’s overall design. With its textured surface offering slip resistance and its durable material resisting wear and tear, flagstone flooring fulfills the flooring ideal of being functional, durable, and stunning. 


6. Oversized Rugs

While not strictly a flooring type, oversized rugs can count for homeowners on a budget. If you need more time to invest in flooring, oversized rugs can serve the same purpose as flooring without the hefty price tag and installation fees.


Large-scale area rugs add a layer of comfort and warmth and can serve as a focal point for tying an entire room together. These rugs create a sense of balance and proportion in spacious areas, allowing for a cohesive and harmonious design. Oversized area rugs can also suit different tastes and aesthetics, crafted in various styles, patterns, and textures. From geometric vintage-inspired designs to traditional Persian patterns, oversized rugs can complement and enhance any interior design theme. The generous size of these rugs allows for more creativity in furniture placement, as they can accommodate more extensive seating arrangements and anchor the different elements of a room. Moreover, oversized rugs provide acoustic benefits by absorbing sound and reducing echo, creating a more comfortable sound environment. 


When choosing an oversized rug, consider the colors and patterns that will harmonize with the existing decor and furniture pieces. Opt for high-quality materials like wool or natural fibers, ensuring durability and visual appeal.



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