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Laundry Room


If we were all being honest, we would admit that doing laundry is an unpleasant chore. Or tell me, do you get excited about dealing with smelly clothes that not only need to be washed and dried, but also folded and put away? I personally don’t, not even as a professional organizer. So because of…

A well-organized shelf with jars and glasses in the kitchen

How an Organized Home Can Help You Reduce Stress

You might think a little mess around the house is not big of a deal, but we assure you that getting rid of it would be highly beneficial. It is stunning how an organized home can help you reduce stress in many ways. Chaos in your home can negatively impact your health, relationships with others, and…

A plan for remodeling

How to declutter and organize before a home remodel

Revamping your home takes a lot of courage, energy, and money – but it’s all worth it. With a bit of effort, you can give your home a totally new look and make it just the way you want it. Remodeling is excellent not only for aesthetical reasons but also for adapting the house to…