You might think a little mess around the house is not big of a deal, but we assure you that getting rid of it would be highly beneficial. It is stunning how an organized home can help you reduce stress in many ways. Chaos in your home can negatively impact your health, relationships with others, and even your money and time. In the following text, we will explain how your whole life is affected by the level of your home’s tidiness. Read it carefully and think twice when you refuse to sort out your home.

Cleaning is a type of workout – it will help you stay fit

One of the ways to reduce stress is to work out. But cleaning the house is a physical activity that engages all sorts of muscles, so therefore we can think of it as a type of workout. If you clean vigorously enough, you will realize you just did pretty solid cardio. For those who are beginners when it comes to physical fitness, slower cleaning with longer breaks will do. Get yourself the cleaning products you need, put on some comfortable clothes and start breaking some sweat. In the end, you will have a clean house and some of your fat burning. Doesn’t that sound nice? 

A man dragging a mop with a child attached to it
Cleaning your home can help you stay fit

Without all that chaos around, you will be able to focus better

When you are thinking about one thing, at the same time, your mind is processing every stimulus it gets. You might work on filtering it, but psychologists say that the subconscious part of your brain isn’t letting it go as easily. The clutter that surrounds you is too much information for your brain centers to process. Your eyes are running from one object to another, gathering extreme and unnecessary data for your mind to work on. You are consciously trying to focus on whatever you are doing, yet something in the back of your mind feels overwhelmed. Decluttering brings clarity to your mind, which is something many people confirm in practice. In fact, the experts from PortaBox Storage say that many of the people they worked with reported higher productivity after decluttering their homes. With all their surplus belongings relocated to a storage unit, people felt less worried and more focused. So the conclusion is that an organized and decluttered home will bring you peace of mind – literally!

When you get visitors in a disorganized home, your stress levels are through the roof

Even the most laid-back or messy people feel on edge when someone is visiting their home. No one likes to be judged for their untidiness, so usually, the messy ones start cleaning on short notice, which is never fun. This is something an owner of an organized home rarely has to go through. A particular pride comes with a lovely and orderly-looking home, so having visitors in that situation is a pleasant event. In fact, having your friends should always be enjoyable, so why get yourself in a situation to dread it? Organize your home and enjoy socializing as everyone really should. 

An organized home can help you reduce stress by getting you to stay on budget

When your house is a mess, you typically forget some of the things you have and where everything is. Therefore you might have to buy some of the items you need and can’t find, which is a no-no if you try to control your budget. In an organized home, this kind of mistake rarely happens. Also, when you plan what you need, i.e., when you approach decorating in an organized way, there’s a better chance of not spending money uncontrollably. With good planning, there are ways to do a whole home makeover in an inexpensive way, which once again proves an organized approach is better than the chaotic one.

A woman in a blue dress holding a big piggy bank
An organized home can help you reduce stress by getting you to stay on your budget

Health benefits of a home that isn’t drowning you with clutter

As we previously mentioned, clutter brings chaos to your mind and stops you from focusing properly. Apart from that, a home overfilled with unnecessary items is not suitable for asthma-prone individuals. Not cleaning regularly makes dust settle all around your home, causing an allergic reaction in some people. Junk and piles of stuff no one bothers to deal with can easily attract pests. On the other hand, a clean and well-organized home can help you reduce stress by working in favor of your health. With no dust and other allergens around the house, you can invest some time in nurturing certain indoor plants that can boost your mood. The next time you sneeze, ask yourself if your messy home might be the problem.

Getting rid of the mess builds better relationships among family members

You might find it ok to go to bed in the evening with that pile of dirty laundry on the floor, but your partner might hate it. These situations, including different attitudes related to messy homes, can create very deep conflicts within a family. Yet they could easily be avoided. A clean home will benefit everyone and remove problems between people and unneeded tensions. Our suggestion is to organize a decluttering festival and include a whole family in this event. Some music and a positive attitude are all it takes to make it a fun day while accomplishing some good work simultaneously. 

Living in a tidy home is less time-consuming

Finding stuff in a messy house can be a challenging endeavor. The same goes for getting ready for an important event. Many times people are late somewhere just because they don’t know where some of the clothes they intend to wear are. Living in an organized house can help you decrease stress by getting rid of situations like this. When every object is exactly where it should be, and there is no clutter to act as obstacles and prevent you from moving efficiently around your home, you will save a surprising amount of time each day. Since time is a very precious commodity, this reason alone should be enough to convince you to declutter your home and bring some much-needed order to it. 

In a disorganized home, getting ready to go somewhere can be a nightmare

Final thoughts

The reasons to get your house in order are many, ranging from those related to health to time-saving and so on. In fact, an organized home can help you reduce stress in so many ways it makes no sense to avoid it. Put on some music, make a good plan, get some help and start decluttering and sorting out things. By the end of the process, you will be happier and more relaxed, and you might even lose that pound or two you always wanted to. Awesome, don’t you think?

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