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Guy standing on rocks looking out to the ocean Traveling on a Budget

7 Clever Tips to Travel on a Budget

Travelling to exotic places dones’t always have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t have to win the lottery to travel the whole world – not if you know how to use your pennies.  We bring you a few clever tips to help you travel on a budget. #1. Plan, plan, plan! While making…

Two women Hiking Twin Falls Maui Shelly Anderson and Heather Winfield

Hiking Trail Adventures in Maui

Some ​of the ​most memorable experience​s​ during my trip to Maui were ​​​the hiking​ trails. ​Believe me, ​I had plenty of unforgettable adventures on the island ​, but for now, we will be sticking to hiking​. Top 3 Hiking Trails on This Trip Twin Falls Hike Don’t get discouraged yet. There are places along the trail that you…