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Two women Hiking Twin Falls Maui Shelly Anderson and Heather Winfield

Hiking Trail Adventures in Maui

Some ​of the ​most memorable experience​s​ during my trip to Maui were ​​​the hiking​ trails. ​Believe me, ​I had plenty of unforgettable adventures on the island ​, but for now, we will be sticking to hiking​. Top 3 Hiking Trails on This Trip Twin Falls Hike Don’t get discouraged yet. There are places along the trail that you…

Guy standing on rocks looking out to the ocean Traveling on a Budget

7 Clever Tips to Travel on a Budget

Travelling to exotic places dones’t always have to cost a fortune and you certainly don’t have to win the lottery to travel the whole world – not if you know how to use your pennies.  We bring you a few clever tips to help you travel on a budget. #1. Plan, plan, plan! While making…