Some ​of the ​most memorable experience​s​ during my trip to Maui were ​​​the hiking​ trails. ​Believe me, ​I had plenty of unforgettable adventures on the island ​, but for now, we will be sticking to hiking​.

Top 3 Hiking Trails on This Trip

Twin Falls Hike

Don’t get discouraged yet. There are places along the trail that you can go to escape the noise if you so choose. Swimming in the 1st three pools below the falls is loaded with children. You can bring a towel but not necessary you dry quickly. There are some off-track trails that really made the trip. Where you can veer off to the right of the second waterfall that is really exclusive, and very few people go. I will be adding more about that later. LOL

I started with the Twin Falls because the trail was pretty easy and for the beauty of it. You will experience luscious scenery, colorful plants, and multiple stream crossings. These are only a few of the things that you can expect to experience along this trail. We had an amazing time hiking the Twin Falls but be prepared. It’s very family orientated. There were children and even grandmas hiking it.

Nakalele Blowhole Trail

Second, we visited the Nakalele Blowhole hiking trail in the northern part of Maui. To say the least, it was pretty cool. To make the water blow up through the hole, natural seawater gets trapped under the lava rocks, and with enough ocean water coming in, it forces the water to blow out the top hole. On that day, the waves weren’t too big, so that we could get pretty close. And I got some great photos. The hike down was rocky but not difficult for those of you who forget to bring water shoes or tennis shoes; you can make it down with your strap-on sandals. That’s a plus. But as for flip-flops, I wouldn’t suggest them it could make it more difficult.  For me, this was a well worth sightseeing place to stop and adventure off to. Two thumbs.

David Lieber at theNakalele Blowhole

Olivine Pools Hiking trail

Third, we stopped at the Olivine Pools hiking trail, located in Maui’s northern part.  These pools were gorgeous, and the water was clear. A picture says a thousand words.  The best words that we could use to describe these tide pools were that they were so big you could swim in them. You might even want to bring your snorkel gear. We thought of that after we went. LOL. There were not many people, so we were really able to enjoy it. You might even want to bring your lunch and stay awhile. So you can enjoy the pools. The hike down was pretty easy. There was a little loose Gravel but very brief and really enjoyable.  You will totally love the scenery.  


Most of us come to Hawaii to be outdoors, get a little color, and even layout in the sun. I just finished this story on being naked in Hawaii that I know you will enjoy, and I have a couple more that I’m finishing up. As for now, Aloha and always have the cool wind in your hair and enjoy these hiking trails.

Heather Winfield female sitting on a rock after hiking. Cool wind blowing in her hair.
Heather Winfield Publisher of Cool Wind Media

Authors Heather Winfield and Photography by David Lieber and Heather Winfield

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  • Judi Brent

    I have hiked at Twin Falls with my children when they were young. Great fun.
    The others I have not had the experience.
    Like the way you describe the journey. Sometimes for all parties…!!!
    Thank you.

  • Kirk Scott

    Love this! A beautiful combination of words and pictures to entice my hiking gene. In my younger years I traveled without intention. I would simply see what adventure came up in a day without any real plans. As I have matured, I have learned the importance if making the most out of every new travel moment. Thanks for sharing helpful advice for the hike. 🙂

  • Ricky bell

    The Health Benefits of Hiking · Lower stress levels, improved mood, and enhanced mental wellbeing · A reduced risk for heart disease · Lower blood …

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