How many dinner dates have you been on that you were just bored out of your friggin mind? Where you’re sitting across from somebody eating, trying to keep the conversation going, and you feel totally stuck. Frankly, I don’t like to waste my time like that. I can afford my own dinner, and if I couldn’t, I still don’t want to waste an hour of my life that I can never get back. So here are some great things to do that make Dating fun again. 

Miniature Golfing 

Let’s get the date started with good old fashion miniature golf. Setting your date up in a little more casual setting takes the pressure off of both of you. It can really take that stuffiness out of the first date jitters, and you can enjoy your date as you try to outplay each other. You can also see how somebody wins and loses gracefully or not, LOL.  What better way to feel like a kid again.

Ice Cream and then Walk on the Beach

An ice cream date screams different and fun. With the heat of the summer and cool wind blowing in your hair, there is just no better way to get the chemistry going with your date. Then you add a scoop of ice cream and a walk along the beach, you are bound to have a good time. Strolling and enjoying the scenery is way better than a dinner date. You can feel young, free, and with no pressure.  This kind of day is always fun during the summer.

After your walk, you can have Mexican Michelada. It will be a great combination with a walk on the beach. Here is the recipe for How To Make A Traditional Mexican Michelada.


I like this date because hiking is a low-pressure date, and it promotes communication. But you might want to do a little research on your date first. Find out If your date is the outdoorsy type. Research the hike, the technical level, and the length of time of the hike you are proposing. For a first date, you might want a low-level stroll that is relatively short. You don’t want to get stuck with them too long. LOL, This sets you and your date apart from the rest, saying that we are a little active. we don’t want to sit on the couch and eat bonbons all day. And it makes the person planning the date have to put a little effort into it. Your hike will be outside the box and totally better than a dinner date. Even if you don’t do this as a first date, it does make a great second or third date. Just saying. 🙂

 Kayaking or Tubing

This is a great way to get out in the open air and get a little sunshine. It will be very memorable. How many times do you hear someone say my date took me Kayaking or Tubing. It’s super enjoyable for a guy. Yes, I went on a date with a guy kayaking, and it made me realize he was creative, fun, and a hell of a sexy guy!! A+ for that guy. But it also lets you see what their bodies look like without having to be too upfront. You get to check out to see what a hot stud. For him, he gets to see if you look great in a swimsuit without making her feel uncomfortable. LOL

Bike riding

This is fun and easy and does not require a lot of talking. Again takes you outdoors and brings the memory of youth back into you. You can go down the boardwalk along the beach or try riding in a park or just around town. Try to find pretty roads, so you have things to show your date what you like. And if you are having a really good time you can stop and chat a while before heading back. Make your first ride short.

Coffee, Juice or Tea

 I love doing coffee, juice or tea, even a soda somewhere. Why might you ask? It’s because it’s a five-dollar date and only takes 15 minutes to half an hour. Nobody’s out a lot of time or out a lot of money. 

Plus, for me, I don’t like to feel obligated to anybody for anything. Going on a less expensive date takes the pressure off of both of you. And the men don’t feel like they’re being used. It could make dating fun again for both of you. 


Although it’s outdoors, this is a long day for a first date. So you might want to wait for a 4th or 5th date.  You are looking at a minimum of 2 to 4 hours. It’s fun, and you get to spend quality time without music or without food, plus, it’s a really nice date. 

My suggestion

These dates can be super fun and very inexpensive. Doing these types of dates adds fun things to talk about with your date or with your friends, “I can’t believe he took me XYZing, it was so much fun and unique!” Whether it’s a golf putt that you missed or the scenery that you passed or a time you remember doing something like the current activity.  Laugh and enjoy the times and the memories.

Don’t bring a list of things you want in a man you want to marry. For crying out loud, it’s just the first date, you can find all that out later.  Make sure you like him enough to ask those questions and even care about the answers. LOL 

By Heather Winfield

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  • David S

    Great post!

    I find some ‘movement’ at a first date makes the conversation more casual and flows better than a pseudo job interview sitting over coffee or wine. Examples are: a Coronado beach stroll, an urban hike downtown on the Embarcadero, the tide pools at Cabrillo / Pt Loma, a Torrey Pines hike, or a walk along Mission Bay or one the boardwalk on MB/PB.

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