If you want to experience Miami’s art scene, you’ve come to the right place. This article explores some of the most unique artistic neighborhoods in the city. Before you start planning your trip or relocation, take a look at the following article. We made a list of some of the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami you should visit. 


In the past, Wynwood was one of the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami, and the area attracted many Puerto Ricans. It was the largest garment district in the United States, generating millions of dollars per year in revenue. However, the gentrification boom resulted in a change of direction for Wynwood, and it quickly turned the once-quiet neighborhood into an artsy, eclectic community. If you want to live in a neighborhood with colorful homes, this is a perfect place for you. Today, Wynwood is one of the hippest areas of downtown Miami.

Little Havana

During your Miami vacation, make sure to visit one of the neighborhoods that are rich in Latin culture. You can enjoy street art and cultural events at some of the city’s most popular venues, including Calle Ocho, the main strip in Little Havana. This lively, artistic neighborhood offers the largest celebration of Latin culture in the United States. And there are lots of ways to enjoy the vibrant culture and music of Little Havana.

a pink house in Little Havana, Miami
Little Havana is a vibrant neighborhood with rich Cuban history. 

There’s a vibrant Cuban coffee culture in Little Havana, with numerous walk-up coffee windows and sit-down cafes. Ask locals where the best coffee shops are or stop in a “ventanita,” where you can observe the cigar rollers in action. You should try Cuban coffee, preferably flavored with a touch of sugar.

Coral Gables

The aesthetically pleasing neighborhood of Coral Gables is known for its Mediterranean architecture, lush greenery, and opulent landmarks. If you choose to live in Coral Gables, you’ll see plenty of homeowners with small boats docked in front of their homes. You can find the historic Biltmore Hotel here, a luxury resort featuring Italian and Moorish architecture in a lush tropical setting. Books & Books, a charming bookstore and art gallery, is also located in Coral Gables. A variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries are available for your shopping pleasure.

As one of the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami, this area features the largest art festival in the world and hundreds of art galleries. The Design District also includes the Institute of Contemporary Art, which houses a world-class museum. Other art-centric attractions include the Fly’s Eye Dome, a geodesic dome with an Insta-worthy exterior. Other artsy attractions in Coral Gables include the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space and Swampspace.

a coffee shop in Coral Gables
You’ll find beautiful Mediterranean architecture in Coral Gables. 

Design District

The design-conscious will appreciate the city’s sleek and modern architecture, upscale interior design, and art galleries. The well-heeled crowd frequents luxury shops. Fly’s Eye Dome, a geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller, is one of the many notable sights. The Institute of Contemporary Art exhibits cutting-edge work in its ultra-modern building. The Design District is also a great place to catch some art in the making.

In case you love going to the beach, the location of The Design District will be convenient for you. It’s close to Downtown Miami and other neighborhoods with beach access, which is great for water sports enthusiasts. The Design District is best reached by car, and you can reach it from the Miami Beach and Downtown areas via I-95.

Downtown Miami

In the heart of Downtown Miami, the World Center is a landmark of contemporary art, and there are also several luxury residential projects. You’ll find boutique shops, fine dining, and upscale bars. The Fredric Snitzer Gallery and the Adrienne Arsht Center are great places to visit for art lovers. The nearby Omni Arts District is also a great place to find inspiration and world-class art.

Aside from being the commercial and financial heart of South Florida, Downtown Miami is also one of the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami. Once almost deserted after business hours, the area has recently undergone significant development to become a hip neighborhood. However, the neighborhood still lacks beach access. It is largely comprised of high-rise condominiums, which are priced in the mid-range range compared to other neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County.

a street in Downtown Miami—one of the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami
Downtown Miami is a mecca for young artists— one of the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami

Ready to move to your new Miami home?

Living in Miami is a dream come true for many artists and young freelancers. Downtown Miami can be a perfect location for your new home if you are into art and already live in the state. However, before you make a long-distance move to Miami and settle here from any part of Florida, you should make sure to plan your relocation in detail. Finding a new home in Miami and handling the moving process could take time and cost a lot of money. This is why it’s smart to make a budget for your relocation process, start planning in advance, and hire movers to help you.

One of the things you should consider before moving to one of the artistic neighborhoods in Miami is housing. These parts of the city might not be the cheapest to live in, so you should start looking for homes in advance. Remember that renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city will cost anywhere from $1.800-$2.500 per month. 

When it comes to Florida relocation, you might want to consider hiring professional assistance. Professionals from City Movers suggest searching for affordable moving assistance that will fit your needs. For example, if you are moving with your family to Miami, you can find a full moving service and forget about moving day troubles. 

Have you settled in one of the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami?

If you are looking for the most artistic neighborhoods in Miami, we hope our list helped you get some ideas. Culture and ethnic diversity, plenty of art galleries, museums, and shops are just a small part of Miami’s artistic side. So, all you have to do is choose one of the most artistic neighborhoods in the city and move into your new home!

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