Hundreds of judges and industry experts across the globe blind-tasted Purity Vodka, Purity Spritz, and Purity Gin. The results coming out of multiple prestigious competitions were remarkably consistent, GOLD. 




“It is humbling and gratifying to watch so many experts choose Purity completely based on taste,” said Master Blender Mathias Tönnesson. “It takes extra time, care, and attention to source superior ingredients then carefully distill them, it’s reassuring when others recognize the Purity taste shining through.” 

Purity Distillery Master Blender Mathias Tonnesson and Master Distiller Stefan Magnusson

Master Blender Mathias Tonnesson and Master Distiller Stefan Magnusson

Mathias continues,” We distill our spirit very, very slowly, many times, in a specially designed copper still. It can be compared to when you slowly cook your food at a low temperature. It brings the most taste, character, and depth to the spirit, and it’s a process that other brands don’t bother with. For Purity, every step matter because the taste matters. Our goal is to make the best tasting spirit in the world and make products we are proud to sell and to serve to our family and friends.

Our main ingredients, Swedish wheat, and malted barley are carefully selected without any chemical cultivation or processing. We believe that by using organic ingredients it creates a much better-tasting spirit, and of course, is better for mother nature. We also value the quality of the water that we use and believe it’s crucial to the taste. Most brands use only distilled water, which removes any of the natural nuances, sediments, and flavors that help bring out the complexity of the vodka. At Purity, we use naturally soft Swedish water, and as a result, it blends with the other ingredients creating a complex, characterful, and truly unique spirit.”

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