You have finally decided to start looking for your dream home. Well, that alone deserves a congratulation! So, go ahead and open that bottle of champagne and treat yourself. And, when you are done celebrating your new decision, start looking for your dream home as soon as possible. This is a task that should not be taken lightly. Why? Because it will consume a lot of your time, energy, nerves, and of course, money. However, what will consume those things, even more, is finding a home and being unsure whether it is the right one. Do not worry; that is entirely normal. We will try to help you out with that. Here are 6 signs you’ve found your dream home. Hopefully, this will help you make your decision, so keep on reading

1. You Can Feel It in Your Gut 

We can all agree that ‘gut’ feelings are not always right. But they should not be neglected, especially when trying to make a decision as big as buying a home. So, if you have that happy and satisfactory feeling in your stomach, that is your gut telling you that you are making the right decision. Listen to it. It is a sign you’ve found your dream home (and a sign that you will instantly feel at home in the new place). 

Of course, do not follow your gut blindly. Even if you fell in love with the home you’ve found, be sure to check and examine it several times before buying. A dream home can quickly become a nightmare once you find out the roof is leaking, the basement is moldy, the water not flushing, etc

2. You Feel Happy and Comfortable There

As previously mentioned, your gut will tell you when you feel happy and comfortable somewhere. So, don’t be foolish, just go with it. 

This may sound strange, especially if you have never house-hunted before, but you will experience different feelings once walking into a home. If those feelings are overwhelming joy and comfort, go ahead and call Simple Moving Los Angeles – they will help you move into your dream home in no time

3. It Meets Your Needs 

This one goes without saying. But, hey, it doesn’t hurt to mention it. So, one of the biggest signs you’ve found your dream home is the fact that it meets all of your needs. That is, it checks all the boxes on your list of priorities. What feeling can be better than that? 

However, don’t think that a home can’t be your dream home if it doesn’t meet all your needs as-is. It is supposed to meet the top ones. The ones you feel are important and necessary for a happy and comfortable life. If it doesn’t meet all of them, it is okay – there’s still time for you to make some home improvements before spring. With a bit of adjusting, you will be able to make your home a dream home

4. You Are Already Envisioning Yourself Living There 

People who have found their dream homes know what we are talking about. Nothing beats the feeling of walking into an unknown house and being overwhelmed with inspiration. You instantly get an idea of how you will decorate the space, where you will put each piece of furniture, etc. You even start packing for your relocation in your head – you think about the items that require special care and how your valuables must be packed and transported properly as they will perfectly fit your new home, for example.

If you do experience this feeling, that is your sign you’ve found your dream home. Nothing will beat it! So, allow yourself to keep envisioning it. And, of course, hurry up and close the deal

5. It Fits Your Budget 

Sometimes, all you want out of a home is that it is within your budget. If it is under it, even better. This, too, is perfectly fine. Some people simply don’t care about arched roofs, rounded entryways, that perfect kitchen, the perfect number of rooms and bathrooms, etc. All they want is to be able to pay it off without struggling. So, if you’ve found a home that suits your budget, there’s another sign. 

Moreover, don’t think about the current situation only. Maybe a sign you’ve found your dream home is the fact that you will be able to be financially comfortable in it in the future! For most people, this is crucial. All other problems can be overcome – if the home is small, figure out how to make more room, if it is outdated, figure out how to update it, etc. But if it is not within your budget, there is not much you can do

6. It Passes Your and Professional’s Inspection 

At the end of the day, if the dream home you have found does not pass the home inspection, it will stop being so dreamy. Maybe you do not agree with this one but imagine the following situation. One day, you walk into a home that suits all of your needs and dreams. But, the next day, you realize that that home has many flaws. Those flaws may be anything from holes in the roof to a run-down plumbing system. Would a home of that kind still be your dream home? Probably not. 

So, save yourself the unpleasant surprises and sadness that could arise after realizing that what you have bought is not your dream home, and have the home inspected. If you don’t know how to do that yourself, hire a licensed home inspector. A positive report is one of the best signs you’ve found your dream home!

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