The fact that New York City is among the most expensive cities in the world is obvious, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend money to enjoy yourself with your dog. You should know which cafes, pubs, and parks are dog-friendly whether you live in NYC with your dog or want to plan a trip there with your furry buddy. For a list of 7 fun things to do in NYC with your dog, see this page.

1. Take Your Dog Off-Leash Time

Your dog can run and play freely in one of NYC’s parks during off-leash hours. They are normally open until 9 AM and close at 9 PM. In New York City, there are 75 parks with off-leash times, and they are spread across all five boroughs. Allow your dog to get some exercise and socialize with some of the canine packs that frequent the parks on a regular basis. Each park is frequented by many dogs and their owners every day, so let your dog run around, play, and stretch while making friends.

2. Meet Other Dogs (and Dog Owners)

There are also numerous dog parks in NYC where dogs are welcome to run, play, and mingle with other canines without being restrained by a leash. Tompkins Square in the East Village, Carl Schurz Dog Park on the Upper East Side, Jemmy’s Dog Run in Midtown, and Sirius Dog Run in Battery Park City are a few of the city’s more well-known dog parks. If it’s too chilly to go outside, the Financial District’s Fetch Club features an indoor dog park, but access to it requires membership.

3. Take Your Dog to Central Park

Group of people sitting on white mat on grass field
Socializing breaks are beneficial for both owners and their dogs. A dog park is the ideal setting for pet exercise as well as a variety of other activities.

For canines living in cities, Central Park is, in fact, a dog’s paradise. This natural retreat’s 843 acres are home to 23 dog-friendly areas throughout the park. Harlem Meer, East Meadow, Cedar Hill, and Mineral Springs are a few of these places. Additionally, there are 21 dog faucets located throughout the park, and more are planned. What more could one ask for? Almost anything you can imagine may be found in Central Park, including ponds, pond stones, and even a castle. Yes! A castle.

The Central Park dog-free hours are from 9 pm to 9 am. But first, whether you’re visiting on two or four legs, you should be aware of these Central Park dog rules:

  • A current dog license and proof of rabies vaccination are required for all dog owners to carry in public according to New York State law and the New York City Health Code
  • Leashes should not be any longer than 6 feet
  • Make sure you clean up after your dog
  • Dogs are not allowed to dig, chase, or harm wildlife, harm park equipment, or obstruct other park users
  • Please observe any warnings on fences, signs, and red flags that may denote brief closures because to repairs, maintenance, or weather

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4.  at a dog beach

Dog swimming in the sea
Our canine friends are eager to cool off in the cold, refreshing water as summer approaches.

A swimming hole created specifically for dogs is called the dog beach. This dog beach, which is at Long Meadow in Prospect Park, had renovations in 2016, including the installation of a new fence and other improvements. The dog beach is canine heaven since it allows them to run, play, and swim without being restricted.

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5. Top NYC Restaurants & Bars for Dogs

Looking for a restaurant where you can have lunch with your dog? Another option is that you prefer the pub environment and are prepared to relax after work. Here is a list of some of New York City’s dog-friendliest restaurants and bars if you love dogs and want to take your pet out to eat with you and your buddies:

  • The Barking Dog

These people adore dogs, as seen by the name Barking Dog! This NYC dog-friendly restaurant has outdoor tables and dog water fountains for you and your beloved dog. They provide lunch and dinner in addition to their famous brunch buffet. While eating outside with your dog and admiring all of their dog-themed decors, you may enjoy their food.

  • Luckydog

An extremely dog-friendly dive bar in NYC is called Luckydog. In fact, you are allowed to bring your dog inside and have it join you at the bar. But don’t worry—they also offer a terrace where people can hang out with their dogs and one of the many well-liked cocktails on the menu.

  • Shake Shack

Who doesn’t enjoy Shake Shack? However, did you know that they also have a dog-friendly dining area? All canines are welcome at this excellent outdoor burger place. They’ve even developed a “Pooch-ini” for your dog, which is made from peanut butter, vanilla custard, and dog biscuits.

6. Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Bridge over body of water is one of the fun things to do in NYC with your dog
One of the most popular and fun things to do in NYC with your dog is walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.

As you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, take in views of the Statue of Liberty, the breathtaking skyline of downtown New York, and the stunning architecture. You and your dog will be kept away from traffic on the 1.3 mile-long pedestrian walkway that runs the length of the bridge. It’s a fantastic way to get some exercise while exploring. To avoid crowded areas, go in the early morning or late at night.

We advise approaching from the Manhattan side so you may enjoy Brooklyn Bridge Park after crossing the bridge. The seaside park features fantastic grass, tree-lined walking paths, and even a carousel. Visit the area to explore the numerous piers and take in the gardens. To find out what’s going on, be sure to look at their calendar of free activities in advance.

Do you desire more fun things to do in NYC with your dog? The Williamsburg Bridge is also a walking bridge!

7. Bring Your Canine Pal to Brooklyn Brewery

We saved the best for last; in our opinion dogs and beer are the best combination. Due to Brooklyn Brewery’s dog friendliness and acceptance of leashed dogs in their tasting rooms, you may enjoy complimentary samples of delicious Brooklyn beer while your dog is by your side.

Enjoy a complimentary pint while relaxing, but don’t forget to bring water for your dog since alcohol is unhealthy.

Final words on fun things to do in NYC with your dog

There is still plenty of room for our pups in a metropolis of size! Because there are so many pet-friendly restaurants, bars, hotels, and parks in NYC, both dogs and their owners will feel at home. There are many places to visit and fun things to do in NYC with your dog by your side, whether you’re going on a day trip with the dog or taking a trip with your furry best friend.

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