Escape rooms are the trending pop culture taking the world by storm. And though it has plenty of fresh concepts and uniqueness, many of its themes get repeated a lot. As a result, it slowly becomes monotonous and boring for the fans. To help you maintain interest and pique your attention towards some of the best breakout puzzles, we are presenting you with a list of the 8-best escape rooms in the world worth traveling for:  

  • Escape the Diefenbunker  

Known as the largest escape room in the world, the premier escape room company Ottawa took inspiration from the historic Diefenbunker museum for designing Escape the Diefenbunker. There are two original and thrilling games to choose from, i.e., Covert Ops – Original Mission and Radioactive). Here, you will find yourself mesmerized and awestruck with the insane amount of detailing done in the puzzles and challenges spread throughout the vault of this massive four-story bunker-turned museum. Once supposed to be a shelter for the officials against nuclear attack, you can add this place to your bucket list as a must-visiting escape room.   

  • The Caretaker  

The Caretaker is one of the most challenging and scariest escape rooms. It leads you on a journey to save a hermit-like creature called the Caretaker from the evil clutches of the dark creations of a mad scientist. This game explores all the aspects of puzzle-solving and requires you to work under pressure, use your agility, and combine your intellect to solve the cryptic clues before the time runs out. For escape room enthusiasts, this escape game is a perfect opportunity to have fun and challenge themselves to see if they can solve this mystery lurking within the forests of Oregon.     

  • The Basement  

It is a live escape room experiment renowned for its mature theme and terrifying setting. The plot revolves around you and your friends using the best of your abilities to escape from the hands of a cannibalistic serial killer. Many horror fans have found themselves weak in their knees while playing this escape game. What makes the Basement a fantastic activity is its part theatrical and part immersive environment that further adds to a realistic experience for the participants. If you are a diehard horror enthusiast, then this escape room is the ideal place for you to get spooked.  

  • Escape Boats  

This escape room is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is the first-ever live-action adventurous escape room built and fully designed on a boat. There are two games for you to pick – SOS and Convicts. You must work with your team to crack the clues, solve puzzles, finish the challenges and escape the threats that the Zorg Ella boat has bestowed upon you. It is the most highly acclaimed Ireland escape room that gives the concept of “Trapped in the Room Games” a new dimension. A must-try for any escape game seekers.  

  • The Official SAW Escape Room  

This escape room takes its concept and design from the blockbuster SAW franchise. It is a multi-room and fully immersive escape room that will keep the players hooked for hours. An ideal setting for fun outings, you can book one to celebrate birthdays or bachelor/bachelorette parties. Or you can also enjoy this entertaining activity with your family, friends, and coworkers. And, even if you are not a SAW devotee, this escape room will keep you engaged even after the game ends.  

  • Sherlocked  

In for a Sherlock Holmes-themed escape room? Then Sherlocked is meant for you. This one-hour live escape game challenges your mind while you are pit against the famous detective Sherlock Holmes as you try to find the intruder against the racing clock. With many secret passages and hidden objects, this immersive escape room challenges your wits and pushes your adrenaline level to see if you can win in this tricky setting. And you get the Sherlock hat free if you escape within 60 minutes! Do you think you can solve the puzzles to find the trespasser in the confined room before Holmes himself comes in and arrests you?  

  • The Dome Escape Room  

The Dome got voted as one of the best escape rooms in the world. The storyline follows you and your friends plotting and implying your wits to escape the hallucinating effects of sodium cyclate at the DOME Research Facilities. With an intriguing plot, gripping sound effects, and an immersive experience, this escape game leaves no room for boredom and will keep you thoroughly entertained until the very end.  

  • The Egyptian Tomb – Imhotep’s Curse  

An ancient Egypt-based mystery escape room, the Egyptian Tomb escape room will leave you locked in an archaeological site cum ancient Egyptian tomb. There are various puzzles with baffling surprises that you must solve and escape before the evil curse of Imhotep will trap you forever in a spiral of horrible death. The visuals and the revolutionary aesthetic design of the game are a surreal landscape and add to the mysterious and exciting experience for the people. It is undeniably a great escape room worth your traveling to try out. 


Ending Words. 

So these were the 8-best escape rooms around the world. We know nothing beats the feeling of successfully getting out of an escape room before the clock ticks away. So when you travel around the globe the next time, check out these rooms for a breathtaking 

experience filled with mystery-solving and adrenaline pumping. They will increase your tour chronicle tenfold. You can also use this list for exploring other amazing escape room games and further quench your hunger for challenging and fun entertainment with your close ones. 



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