The world of beauty is vast and diverse, with an array of experts specializing in makeup, hair, and skincare. From makeup artists to hairstylists and skincare experts, these professionals work hard to help people look and feel their best. Here, we’ll highlight some of the top experts in the industry and their unique expertise.

Our Beauty Depends on Them

Makeup Experts

First up, Danessa Myricks, makeup artist and founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty. Who founded the brand on the principle that race, gender, age, and personal style should not limit anyone from experimenting with makeup and discovering their signature look. While delivering products that are known for their high-quality formulas and versatile uses.  With over 20 years of experience, Myricks is known for her innovative approach to makeup and her ability to create bold and creative looks.

Sébastien Tardief is a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with clients such as Naomi Campbell and Olivia Palermo, and specializes in no-makeup makeup looks. Tardief is also the co-founder of Veil Cosmetics, which offers complexion products and makeup essentials that are skincare infused, multi-tasking, and illuminating, enhancing users’ natural beauty.

Hair + Grooming Experts

When it comes to hair, Michael Dueñas is a name that’s hard to miss. He’s a celebrity hairstylist, groomer, and photographer who’s worked with a variety of clients, including Illana Glazer, Rachel Brosnahan, Noah Cyrus, Padma Lakshmi, and Machine Gun Kelly. Dueñas is also a men’s grooming and curly hair expert.

Brendnetta Ashley is another hairstylist who’s made a name for herself in the industry. She’s a BLONDME Ambassador, curly hair expert and has worked with a variety of clients

For those looking to switch up their hair color, Ian Mayer-Marszalek, is a hairstylist and colorist who knows everything there is to know about hair color. As a Schwarzkopf Professionals National Trainer, he’s worked with clients all over the world and shares his knowledge and expertise through his education programs.

Diving into someone who’s both a hair and grooming expert, celebrity stylist, and colorist for Cleverman, Jorge Buccio. Jorge is an expert on coloring grays, seeking out men’s grooming trends, and more.  He has worked with some of the most influential names in Hollywood, including Tobias Menzies, Eva Longoria, and Matthew McConaughey.

Skincare Experts

After many years in the beauty industry, Non Gender Specific’s founder Andrew Glass noticed a divide between products marketed for men and women. It was then that he started designing a brand that had zero gender boundaries and promoted a “less is more” approach to skincare. The brand offers a range of products that targets at least seven skin concerns within each formula. And is designed to simplify regimes while also cutting down on consumer waste, as every product is designed to work seamlessly together and share a cohesive ingredient story that delivers cumulative results.

Dr. Anne Beal is a melanin-rich skincare expert who’s also a medical researcher and public health expert. She’s the founder of clean skincare brand AbsoluteJOI, an all-natural and physician-backed skincare brand created for women of color over the age of 35. Offering products designed to help people of all skin tones achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Preeti Luthra is a minimalist skincare expert who’s passionate about natural skincare. She’s the founder of  Pure & Cimple, a skincare brand that offers simple and effective products that work for all skin types. Luthra is also knowledgeable about skin cycling, a technique that involves adjusting your skincare routine based on your skin’s natural cycles.

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