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By: Heather Winfield

Summer has arrived, which means it’s time to hit the beach, pool, park, festivals, and amusement parks! With that being said, summer also means stocking up on sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and other essentials needed to stay sane in the heat. Whether you’ll be going out to have a fun day in the sun, or you’re choosing to spend the day inside an air-conditioned mall or another festivity, it’s almost definite that you’ll need a trusty bag so that you can fit all your belongings and summer needs, and still look stylish and ready for the season! So take a seat in some shade or under a fan and read on to see the top handbags for summer! 

  1. Signature Mini Tote by VESSEL

VESSEL is a great, high-quality brand that offers several types of bags including briefcases, duffels, crossbodies, and my personal favorite, totes. For me, totes are one of the best types of bags since you can wear them with any outfit, there are straps, and you can practically fit everything in them. Totes are roomy, which is exactly why the Signature 2.0 Mini Tote by VESSEL is a great pick for this summer!  Since it’s a mini tote, you can still have a lot of space, but without having to deal with the extra mass of a regular-sized bag. It’s perfect for when you’re out grabbing lunch or running errands around the city since the bag can be used as a crossbody as well, which guarantees free hands at all times. There are also many pockets within the bag, which can keep your smaller belongings like sunglasses, lotions, and perfumes, securely stored for easy access. Find out more information or peruse the VESSEL site for yourself here.

  1. Cary Medium Suede and Leather Bucket Bag by Saint and Sofia

Medium Suede and Leather Bucket Bag by Saint and SofiaThis bag is amazing not only because of the stunning color duo of suede and leather together but also because of the size and how much you can fit into it. This bag is taller than the average handbag, making it so that you can fit bigger items such as books, hats, water bottles, and more! It resembles a knapsack, however, it can be dressed up or down, which is fitting for when you’re strolling down the pier, or if you’re heading out to a music festival or concert. For my details, check out the Saint and Sophia website here.

  1. Kanken Mini Backpack by Fjallraven

These backpacks have been making waves these past few years simply because they’re durable, cute, and come in different sizes to fit all your lifestyle needs. However, this summer, consider choosing the Kanken mini backpack for your summer adventures! Whether it be hiking, going to Disneyland, or heading out to a fair, it’s safe to say that these high-quality backpacks will keep your belongings safe. The best part is these backpacks come in more than 10 colors, and also have different sizes such as the original size, a laptop size, and they even have totes and duffels! Choose your perfect Kanken bag here.

  1. On Purpose Sailing Stripe Canvas Bow Tote by Kate Spade

Kate Spade was, and will always be an icon, so it’s not a surprise to have one of her bags on this list. For the summer season, my favorite pick is the On Purpose Sailing Stripe Canvas Bow Tote, which is a multi-colored sky blue and white, sailor-inspired striped bag with a matching bow on it. Not only does it absolutely scream summer, but it’s the perfect bag for the beach since it’s big and can fit your towel, sunscreen, water bottles, and an extra change of clothes! The color scheme is classic, and the tote will probably get you loads of compliments. Get your fix here.

  1. Have a Nice Day Graphic Tote by Forever 21

For a more casual, everyday look, Forever 21 has the totes for you. They have a lot of graphic totes, so you can get a cute bag like the one pictured above with adorable sayings and animal characters on it. I personally have a tote like this, and I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for running errands, or grabbing lunch with a friend, and it can also be used as a beach bag! My favorite thing about these totes is that you don’t have to worry about zippers or clasps; the strap isn’t too long so if you have to search for something all you have to do is let down one strap, and the bag is open and ready for picking. Also, did I mention the cute designs? Everyone deserves a graphic tote telling you to have a nice day. Find your favorite tote here.

  1. Circle Woven Crossbody Bag by Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has a lot of trendy and pretty clothes, but they’re also known for their equally amazing accessories! This circular crossbody bag is a breath of fresh air considering the typical bag is a square-like shape. The fact that it’s woven also creates texture to the touch and to the sights, thus making it a perfect bag to amp up your summer wardrobe. This bag will look amazing with flowy tops, maxi dresses, skirts, and even your go-to beach outfit! Buy the bag here.

  1. Clare V. Embroidered Circle Crossbody Bag from Anthropologie

Here we have another circle bag, but this one is a bit different from the last. First off, this bag is not woven, but embroidered, meaning it still has texture, but with a more visual design. The star of this bag is the floral embroidery and the stunning color palette, which is all too hard to ignore when not too many bags have this type of design. This bag can be worn on casual or formal occasions, and is a perfect bag for when you don’t want to carry too many things! It’s definitely an interesting eyecatcher, so consider buying one here.

  1. Ted Baker London Crystal Bar Leather Top Handle Satchel from Nordstrom

This bag is absolutely gorgeous; the color is a beautiful light pink that’s not too loud but also not afraid to stand out. Since it’s summer, you want to wear clothes that are lighter and brighter, just because lighter colors absorb heat less. With that being said, the pink of this bag will look lovely with white blouses, yellows, and even stripes! Be bold and have fun with your summer fits! Purchase the bag here.

I say keep your finger on the pulse of fashion week or watch your favorite fashionista. So what does Fashion Week say is coming in for the Spring?

These are just a few that appeared on the runway of serval fashion weeks throughout the world from Europe to the US here is what we have for you. They are really getting creative with options for all occasions this Spring.

  •  Big Bags
  • Wristlets
  • Baguettes
  • Sequins
  • Metallics
  • fuzzy clutches or flashy gold baguettes
  • Fanny Packs
  • Crossbody
  • Box Bags

Okay, the list goes on and on. Where should you start? Start at your comfort level. Your size and shape and then go to the trending colors.

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