‘Tis the season to be jolly and celebrate Christmas in Virginia! You may want to go to a cabin in the mountains and enjoy a white Christmas, or you may want to head to Virginia’s downtowns and enjoy all the lights and ornaments. Or, you may want to do something completely different. How you celebrate Christmas in Virginia doesn’t matter – the only thing that matters is to be surrounded by people you love and do things you love. 

But, just in case you feel a bit uninspired, we prepared a list of some of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Virginia. Be sure that the following places will awaken your inner child, make you fall in love, and bring you happiness. So, if all this is something you want out of this Christmas, keep on reading. 


If you are a true Christmas lover, you must go to Richmond! This city is a mecca for everything Christmas. The downtown area and the city are decorated with the most beautiful decorations that sparkle all night long. These are called the 100 Miles of Lights extravaganza and will make your days in Richmond truly special. 

To enjoy an old-fashioned Christmas with carols, mulled wine, and panettone, go to Maymont Park. And, to see a giant gingerbread house, go to the Jefferson Hotel. You can also go to the theatre and see the Richmond Ballet perform the famous The Nutcracker or visit the Botanical Garden and admire the lights. 

Moreover, Richmonders take their shopping seriously! During this time of the year, vendors go all out – that is, they go all out with discounts. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for holiday gifts for adventure lovers, beauty lovers, or tech lovers, be sure that here you will find everything (and you will find it at a discounted price). 

A Christmas tree surrounded by lights.
If you want to experience the true Christmas spirit, go to Richmond.


We cannot talk about the best places to celebrate Christmas in Virginia without mentioning the majestic city of Williamsburg! According to locals and visitors, everything in Williamsburg is slightly extra. That is because everybody here pays attention to details – Christmas details. While walking the streets of Williamsburg, you will see that each house is beautifully decorated and that each tree has at least one ornament on it. Moreover, you will also see that everybody is in a good mood and that everything smells of gingerbread cookies. 

You can see Christmas-themed events, parades, and performances for the entire month of December. So, if you have some more time, check out the colonial Christmas reenactments in the city’s downtown area and Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. And, if you are here on Christmas day, don’t miss out on Williamsburg’s famous Christmas Parade. 


The next on our list of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Virginia must be Abingdon. Even if you are not a fan of Christmas, this small city will make you fall in love with everything Christmas stands for. Yes, you will fall in love so much that you want to move to Abington and celebrate all the upcoming Christmases here. If this happens, don’t worry. With the help of a local real estate agent and a professional long-distance moving company, you can settle here for good easily and quickly. 

So, what is so special about Abingdon during this time of the year? Well, everything! People are in a cheerful mood. Streets are beautifully decorated, local boutiques and galleries are particularly charming, Inns are cozy, etc. And, if all of these weren’t enough – Abingdon has another Christmas surprise. Namely, this is one of the last cities where you can experience that old-fashioned Southwest Virginia Christmas, so don’t miss out on it. 

An image of Christmas gifts in a wooden store.
Abingdon is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Virginia.


If you want your children to meet Santa for the first time (or if you want to take some amazing photos with Santa to make your Instagram friends jealous), consider visiting Fredericksburg. Each Christmas season, this small town goes all out. The authorities decorate the city, and the locals decorate their homes and yards – so wherever you look, you will see Santas, reindeer, carriages, nutcrackers, etc. In certain malls in Fredericksburg, your little ones can also tell Santa their wish and get a present. 

But don’t worry – Fredericksburg is not only for children. Adults can have fun here too. The city is full of cozy restaurants offering fantastic food, inns perfect for romantic getaways, boutiques and stores offering beauty gifts for holiday beauties and Christmas enthusiasts, and so much more. 

Two people holding sparklers.
Fredericksburg will treat you well this Christmas!


We saved the best for last! Bedford is, without a doubt, the best place to celebrate Christmas in Virginia. The residents of Bedford love Christmas, and they are not afraid to show it. That is why, during the holiday season, you can see (and attend) so many holiday events – from food and wine tasting events to Christmas tree decorating contests – Bedford has it all. 

And the best part about Bedford is that you can travel on a budget there. Yes, those charming inns are rather cheap, and wine-ing and dining won’t cost an arm and a leg (which is something you can expect in other Virginia cities). Thus, don’t be afraid to book that cottage with the fireplace you always wanted. 

Even if we wanted to, we can’t discuss all the best places to celebrate Christmas in Virginia. But, we can briefly mention some of them. Thus, if you need some more places to put on your Christmas itinerary list, check out Charlottesville, Front Royal, Virginia Beach, Kilmarnock, Manassas, and Marion. 

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