Young people studying have to spend many hours daily with their books or in front of their computers. They often feel mentally drained, so they outsource their essay writing work to eduloh and wish to go on a holiday. Often students have a limited budget. So they are interested in finding the cheapest holiday options. While backpacking is an affordable option, the students will cover only a limited distance walking. They can also carry less weight with them. One of the alternative options for an inexpensive holiday is bikepacking, using a bike to explore new places. Bikepacking is becoming more popular because the bike traveler can cover larger distances and explore areas where other vehicles are not allowed.

Since the individual or group going backpacking will cover large distances using a bike, it is essential to choose the best bicycle for bikepacking. If the wrong bike is selected for bikepacking, the cyclist will not cover the distance they planned. In most cases, students will rent one or more bicycles for backpacking since it will usually be more cost-effective. However, some students may be planning to purchase a bicycle which they will use for other activities also. There are a wide variety of bicycles available on rent or for sale so some of the main considerations for choosing a bike are listed below. 

Bicycle Designed for Bikepacking

The design of bicycles will differ depending on the terrain where they are likely to be used. Mountain bikes are designed for climbing up and riding down hills and mountains safely and have the right safety features, components. There are other bicycles which are designed for use in cities, flat terrains and are usually more inexpensive. So based on the bikepacking route which has been finalized, the group or individual should choose a suitable bike for rent. Students may choose different bikepacking routes for their trip, and they can rent suitable bikes based on the terrain for each trip

Increasingly electric bikes are available for rent at the bike rental companies. These bikes allow the user multiple options for using the bike. Manual mode which is like a non-electric bike, and the pedal assist mode, where the user will have to make less effort to use the bike, since the motor/battery is used for powering the bike. Depending on the distance which the cyclist plans to cover while bikepacking he can choose a normal bike or electric bike. For short bikepacking trips, a normal bike is sufficient, and for longer trips, it is better to hire an electric bike since the electric mode is useful when the cyclist is feeling tired. 

Experience Matters

The experience of the cyclist should also be considered while choosing the bicycle. If the cyclist is an experienced cyclist, he can choose any type of cycle based on the route which he is planning to take. If the cyclist does not have much experience cycling or is cycling after a long time, he should consider hiring fat tire bikes with tires of thickness 4′ inches or more, since it is easier to balance. The weight carrying capacity of the bike should also be checked while selecting a bike, if the cyclist is planning to carry more items.

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  • Noah BTR

    Wonderful read. I’m a certified bikepacker and this is my only work stress outlet.. I also go with some friends and I agree with students biking to get some rest from school. Great choice, right? Thank you for putting up a guide that they can follow. More of this please!

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