These past few years have been rather tough for existing small businesses. Many have fallen through the net when it comes to financial gain or support. However, there has also been a boost for some who have taken the time to re-evaluate and build on their business model to navigate the new and exciting growth we have in the online business world. With the next year just around the corner, it has never been more critical to business owners, both logically and psychologically to get their companies on track for success in the new year. Here is how to build your business before 2022.


Preparation is key to getting ahead. Create a marketing plan that you can use up until the new year, with logical steps. Use inspiration from the marketing of other similar companies to cut down the time you have to spend designing it and use an online template to help you to create it. Work hard on the plan for your marketing so that you have clear steps that you can easily put into action. Create a plan that moves in stages and builds on itself and use the upcoming holidays to your advantage. A marketing plan that has growth and movement, whilst keeping relevant to the times is a key way to entice consumers to your brand. This in turn leads to a higher chance of sales.

Rebrand for the Holidays

Create a new logo and business cards with a slight color change that matches your marketing plan for the holidays. You can adjust your brand colors on your website and social media too to follow the same theme. Adding rich colors like red, gold, and green shows that your business is part of the holiday brand. This is something that can work well psychologically on potential customers and get them excited to spend their cash with your business.


Consider the content that you will use in your marketing plan and go all out on new methods to capture the attention of your audience. This time of year, many people across the globe are looking to buy products and shop online. Your content should use various formats that perhaps you haven’t yet utilized. Now is the perfect time to give them a go. For example, you could do a six-week podcast that linked with visual images, downloadable content, and advertisement videos. Consider including competitions and giveaways at the start, building to product advertisements in the final few weeks.

Target Audience

Ensure that you understand your target audience and how their needs or their use of the internet might change as the holidays get closer. It might be that people are looking to shop local, or buy more ethically sourced products in the lead-up to the holidays as they are buying gifts and getting into the spirit of buying.

Increase Your Prices

You might also want to increase your prices at this time as people are not as worried about prices when they are shopping for other people. Remember, you can always have a new year’s sale to sell off any stock that you haven’t managed to move. When you increase prices, do so quietly and leave it a week or so on your website. Then introduce any new items within your marketing plan. Another tactic is to let your customers know that you are increasing prices, but this can turn people off the idea from buying from you. If you think this will happen then keep your prices static of any older stock and increase the price of any new products that you are marketing for a similar price difference.

Using your marketing and adapting to the time of year and celebrations is a key way of boosting your sales at this time of year. To get ahead for the next year ensure that you are prepared for the rush with a clear marketing plan and objectives that you want to hit.

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