Biggar and Leith, a fine wine and spirits company, today launched an exciting new brand – The Hotel Starlino range of Rosso Vermouth, Rosé Aperitivo, and Maraschino Cherries. Their Vermouth and Aperitivos hail from the Vergnano family’s distillery, Torino Distillati, in Piedmonte, North-Eastern Italy, whilst Starlin Maraschino Cherries produced in San Gennaro, Vesuviano, close to Naples. 

Starlino Rosé, a delightful and refreshing Aperitivo – produced by a fine mixture of Rosé wine, spirit, orange peel, pink grapefruit peel, and eight additional botanicals including Wormwood and Coriander. Delicious served over ice along with a premium tonic or sparkling water and as gratifying as a Spritz – 1 Part Starlino, 1 Part Sparkling Wine, 1 Part Soda Water, decorated with a slice of pink grapefruit or lemon. 

Starlino Rosso (Red Vermouth)  – is a classic “Vermouth di Torino” – made from an Italian white wine blend, Sicilian Ansonica and Cataratto wines and Marsala Wine.  This is then blended with a careful choice of botanicals including Wormwood, sour orange, and cloves.  The Red Vermouth is aged in Bourbon Barrels for months to give a rich, spicy, vanilla flavor – ideal for Negronis, Manhattans, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda.

At 17% alcohol, both drinks in the Hotel Starlino range capitalize on the trend for lower alcohol cocktails.

Their Maraschino Cherries are mature for 15 days in their own natural Marasaca juice, then rested for an extra seven days to reach perfection. The outcome of this artisan production method is an all-natural, luxury cherry superbly sweet and tart. STARLINO Maraschino Cherries are made from the highest quality Italian Marasaca Cherries, also known as some of the best cocktail cherries on earth. Marasaca Cherries are a type of sour Morello cherry produced from the Royal Ann, Gold Varieties Cherries, or Rainier. The de-stoned, plump, ruby red cherries produce a small “pop” after every bite, with a distinct sweet cherry favorable experience. 

STARLINO Maraschino Cherries are a light and delicious addition to many alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and make the perfect bartender-standard garnish for an exquisite Negroni or Manhattan made with STARLINO Rosso, or as a garnish for the elegant STARLINO Cosmopolitan mixed with STARLINO Rosé Aperitivo. STARLINO Maraschino Cherries can also be enjoyed as part of a luxurious dessert when poured over ice cream, cheesecake, or pastries, to name a few. 

STARLINO Maraschino Cherries are produced with love by a fourth-generation, family-owned business. In fact, the family was awarded ‘The Recognition of Superior Taste” presented by recognized Chefs, confirming their commitment to excellence in 2018.

STARLINO Maraschino Cherries are all-natural, fat-free, and gluten-free, with no GMO’s. 
Elwyn Gladstone, Founder, Biggar, and Leith says, “We are excited to launch the Hotel range of vermouth, aperitivos, and maraschino cherries. We believe our hand-crafted products will provide a great alternative to others on the market.

STARLINO Rosé and Rosso offer flavorful low-alcohol, and refreshing cocktails to consumers whilst STARLINO Maraschino Cherries provide distinct Italian provenance with a modern, leading-edge. Our cherries are a premium garnish to crown great cocktails, and the whole Hotel STARLINO range will transport food and drink enthusiasts to the South of Italy to celebrate La Dolce Vita.” Beppe Ronco, Master Distiller and Winemaker, Torino Distillati says, “Torino is the birth-place of vermouth and here at Torino Distillati we’ve been making them for around 100 years. We see a huge resurgence of interest in vermouth and aperitivos and wanted to create something new, fresh, and delicious to bring this forgotten but wonderful category back to life. Vermouths are showing signs of being the next big thing.”

The packaging for the Hotel STARLINO Vermouth, Aperitivos and Maraschino Cherries is inspired by and celebrates Italy’s incredible turn of the twentieth-century design and architecture. This design style, known in Italy as Stile Liberty, is famous in Torino. The Hotel STARLINO Aperitivos and Vermouth are packaged in beautiful, heavy apothecary-style bottles. They are finished with ceramic and wooden stoppers, reminiscent of an antique doorknob. The premium packaging features an elevator floor indicator, skeleton key, and bellman’s cap, inspired by the great luxury hotels of Italy. The front label resembles a vintage luggage label and the back label an elegant old-fashioned “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. Besides, as Ronco said, “We have so many friends and visitors to our distillery we sometimes refer to it as a Hotel!”-*

STARLINO Rosso and STARLINO Rosé RRP: $24.99 for a 75cl bottle. ABV: 17%. Available from: Warehouse Wines and Spirits

STARLINO Maraschino Cherries RRP: $14.99 for 400g jar. Available from: Amazon September 2020  

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About Hotel STARLINO Vermouths, Aperitivos and Maraschino Cherries:

Hotel STARLINO is a range of Aperitivo drinks including Rosso (Red) and Rosé (Pink) – 100% natural and from Italy. STARLINO’s distinctive aromas and flavors come from the botanicals including wormwood, Coriander, and Italian Citrus peels – combined with Italian wines and distillates made at Torino Distillati.  They are owned, and distributed internationally, by Biggar & Leith.

About Biggar & Leith:

Biggar and Leith (pronounced “Bigger & Leeth”) is an importer of fine spirits from established, family-owned distilleries that are dedicated to innovation and quality. The company scours the globe for brands whose bottles transmit the passion, personality, and stories of the people who make them. Biggar & Leith’s Founder is Elwyn Gladstone, who created Malfy Gin, which was recently sold to Pernot Ricard. Elwyn’s business partner is Mark Teasdale, former CEO of Proximo Spirits.

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