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Carmel Pro Cosmetics (CPC) believes everyone is born beautiful. But, as people journey through their lives, there are many adversities and influences that take their toll on your appearance. Your face and skin often reflect not just your natural beauty, but unfortunately, it also shows the cumulative effects of stress, sunlight, nutritional deficits, health challenges, and more.

CPC’s mission is in line with most of our wishes, to turn back time (cue the music, LOL ) or at least undo some of the damage done through lifestyle circumstances and re-reveal each person’s unique good looks. They want to help you maintain your rediscovered beauty for as long as you want, not just “as long as possible!

Apple Lift CreamTo accomplish this goal, CPC strives to deliver the best cosmeceutical products on the market.  According to The Australasian College of Dermatologists, cosmeceutical products are defined as, “products that have both cosmetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects, and are intended to have a beneficial effect on both skin health and beauty.  Like cosmetics, they are applied topically as creams or lotions but contain active ingredients that have an effect on skin cell function.”   CPC accomplishes this goal by striving to deliver the very best.

That is why we, at Cool Wind Media,  choose to introduce you to Dr. Kadir and the team at CPC. While the aging process itself cannot be stopped, Dr. Kadir has developed a health and skincare line that can allow you to mature gracefully while preventing dramatic declines in your natural appearance.

There are many competing companies on the market that make similar claims. For heaven’s sakes, the beauty industry is a 500 billion-dollar business. But the difference is most of these beauty companies spend a huge portion of their budget on marketing alone. They do not invest as heavily in the actual research or dedicate themselves to perfecting the product like Dr. Kasdir at CPC does.

Dr. Kadir’s work is different. He has spent a lifetime doing just that – making sure his cosmetics meet the highest possible standard so that you, the customer, can be assured of their effectiveness. You can have confidence that these products will help your skin stay younger, appear healthier, and resist the degrading effects of external or internal stressors over time. 

Who is Dr. Kadir – Procedural Fairness 

Dr Ron Kadir CPC Labs
Dr Ron Kadir CPC Labs

You may have noticed that CPC has given special attention and credit to Dr. Kadir, the chief developer of all their cosmetics. If this seems unusual, that’s because it is. In many skincare companies, very little is said of the experts, as they are not considered as important as the business executives higher up the food chain.

At Dr. Kadir Laboratories, they have turned that concept on its head. Dr. Kadir’s knowledge and dedication are what sets this company apart, and his expertise guides our mission from the top down. Because of him, they are no ordinary brand; Their brand produces state-of-the-art, sophisticated, and innovative products. These extraordinary cosmeceuticals are revolutionizing skincare routines in both professional and home settings alike.

Dr. Kadir Laboratories is relatively small in size, and focus on innovation makes it highly flexible and responsive to market demands. That means they can create new products, test them, and make them available to consumers in a fraction of the time compared to large, encumbered corporations. 

Finally, They pride themselves on prioritizing environmental responsibility and following sky-high ethical standards. For example, they never test products on animals.

Cosmeceuticals Products

Deep Restore

Dr. Kadir Laboratories has developed over 200 products and has been proven by many satisfied customers and by the doctors and estheticians in Europe, Russia, and Ukraine, where the beauty and skincare standards are very high. They love working with professionals who have years of experience using these products. Because CPC believes in their customers, they listen and learn from their background, and have developed educational programs to deliver the knowledge to the brand representatives here in the US.

CPC is interested in delivering the highest quality experience to its customers. Many of the products are cosmeceutical in nature and are used by professionals at salons, spas, cosmetology schools, and more. They educate and train the pros on using the product correctly and how to blend products to achieve outstanding results. CPC understands that each individual is unique, so it is important to educate on how to use the different products to address specific skin issues depending on the individual / personal skin conditions.

Other products are ideal for professionally guided home skincare routines. They truly value cosmetologists and their work, and they are excited to help them introduce patients to their product lines. This novel way of thinking makes both the cosmetologist professional and the client happy with the products they use and the professional routines that are administered. Ultimately, achieving the best customer feedback. Before you try our products as a nonexpert, please consult a specialist for guidance.

Carmel Pro Cosmetics Communication. 

CPC is social. They love Instagram, FB, and other common ways of communication. Some of their customers love to place their orders in the customary practices – they email, text, call, discuss the orders, products, options – and CPC loves it; that’s how they deliver a friendly business experience.

You can find them online in the US,  at Carmel-Pro and other countries where Dr.Kadir has been successfully helping customers to achieve their skincare goals.

Also, they are participating (with pleasure and pride) in local events as sponsors because they want to be involved with other people dedicated to wellness, beauty, and health. Please look for future sponsored events and don’t be shy to reach out if you have an event you want sponsored.

CPC Wants to Invite People to Become an Ambassador

CPC Ambassadors

If you’re a beauty industry professional, they’re excited to have you as an ambassador. This opportunity is especially suitable for estheticians, cosmetologists, and beauticians. They will provide you with education and training when you’re in their network — even if you’re new to the field. They also connect you with more experienced professionals who understand how to work with Dr. Kadir’s products.

Reach out to the Carmel Pro Cosmetics team at: to learn more about becoming an ambassador as well as visiting their website, carmel-pro. com for more product information and a 15% discount code: DECART15 (apply at the checkout).  Don’t forget to follow their Instagram page for more deals, products, and information.

  • Nataliya

    The best products ever ! Not only me satisfied but my clients also ! Incredibly happy with results and highly recommend Dr. Kadir to everyone !

  • Lucie

    Love the products especially the Apple Lift Mask. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. I love the fact that it doesn’t dry out, crack and goes flaky like other face mask products I’ve used, I even forget I’ve got it on my face. Very happy with these amazing products.

  • Alena C

    As an esthetician I’m always in search of innovative products to use in facial treatments. Dr Kadir masks become longtime desired addition to my protocol as multi masking step. Perfect to customize for each client’s needs.

  • Alena C

    As an esthetician I’m always in search of innovative products to use in facial treatments. Dr Kadir masks become longtime desired addition to my protocol as multi masking step. Perfect to customize for each client’s needs.

  • Julianna

    I’m glad I met Carmel Pro Cosmetics team at the event and had a chance to try your Dr.Kadir products at home. First of all, I m definitely letting my esthetician know about your cosmetics. Guys, the product is fantastic. I loved masks. Biome-calmin and Hemp series are work perfectly for me!
    Keep doing the great job. Good luck!

  • NADI A.

    My favorites are Gold and Apple Lift masks. I always feel my skin is softer than before use. The Chamomile tonic with smell so natural and pink color for every day.
    Beautiful professional employees and great cosmetics! I have looked for something for my skin for a long time. Finally, I fell in love with cosmetics Dr. Kadir. Thank you for your job!

    • Serge

      Ksenia, We appreciate your review and recommendation. We’ll keep on working hard to make sure our customers are happy with the product we deliver.

    • Serge

      Alena, Thank you for your feedback! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.
      Team Carmel Pro Cosmetics LLC / Dr.Kadir USA

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