Yes, there are new things to do in Oceanside, California​. ​I do have to say. Oceanside has really come a long way as they have been progressively upgrading the area. We were ​strolling downtown ​Oceanside and decided to ​check out the newly opened Mission Pacific Hotel​, a JdV Hyatt​ Hotel. ​We heard they had a trendy rooftop bar. Who doesn’t love that?

We arrived at the hotel and headed straight for the top, the top floor, that is, only to find out we overshot the mark. The bar was actually 2 floors down. I was thinking, “didn’t they say rooftop?” LOL ​

Decore at the Mission Pacific Hotel

But when we arrived, we were pleasantly ​surprised. You walk into a ​beautiful open ​floor plan. You look up and can see everything. Cute restaurant and ​bar ​area ​with a ​modern​ trendy ​beachy vibe. The décor was shabby chic ​and ​nicely done. Softwood accents and firepits galore. And then the view, I almost forgot the view! LOL

I was so very impressed ​with the feel, ​and it had such a great vibe​!​ ​I couldn’t wait to get seated, only to find out they closed at 9pm.​ The sad part is we arrived at 9pm LOL.​

So no, I did not get to eat there​, and I cannot tell you how the food was. ​They wouldn’t even serve me a drink. 🙁 But I did look over the menu, and they had a nice variety of appetizers and finger foods, not your typical bar food. Everything had class. So, we look forward to sampling some of the goodies on our next visit.

The Vibe

There was nice ambience music playing in the background, but oh wait, there was no live music, which was a real bummer. It really would have gone nicely. I could only imagine dancing in the open air. But as we all say, when COVID hit, the music died. 

I did talk to one of the hosts and managers. They said that they do plan on having live music in the coming months. Let’s hope the bands arrive before the summer season is over. They will also extend their bar/restaurant hours starting ​around ​June 15th. Let’s keep our fingers crossed​ because this is a cool place​. The view​s overlooking the ocean was amazing​. ​ ​It​ also​ had a large size pool area that is screaming for Vegas-style day parties. Let’s take a naked dip…oh, wait, that is my other article, “Let’s Get Naked in Hawaii.”

I could go ​into ​and all the statistics of it being the biggest place in Oceanside that’s open in the last 10 years blah blah blah, but I think that you’ve probably either read all that or think it’s boring and you really don’t wanna hear about it. You want to get back to having the cool wind blowing in your hair!

I will return there to find out more about their food options and their service, so you’ll need to stay tuned.

Goodbye for now, and ​keep that cool wind blowing.

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